Wed 10th Sep, 2014

Den Lane, Uppermill

Members: Andy Stratford, Gareth Williams, Lucie Crouch, Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley, Helen Boothman, Emily Pitts, Clay Conlon.

Guests: Jools, Ben Slater, Matt Harrigan, Andy Shaw and Lester the dog,

Good turnout of twelve at one of the final meets of the summer season saw a good variety of action on The Long Wall.

Ben and Matt got stuck into Jive HS4b....Ben topped out and looked for a belay.....

'How do you place a tricam?'.....Helen went off to a good start on Three notch slab.

'Put your foot in the crack'

'but i don't like cracks'

'not even for your feet?'


Ben had pulled almost all the rope through and still hadn't found the belay.

....Andy succeeded on the steep overhangs of Palais Glide after a good bit of exploratory fumbling for the magic hold. Helen followed, relieved that she didn't need to use a single crack.

Ben had now walked so far the rope had gone through all the gear and he was on his way to Oldham.

After just a little cajoling from Gareth above and Andy below Emily led Three notch slab in fine style. Helen set off up Fox Trot HVS 5a but finished up the cracks of Misissipi Dip - complaining loudly.

Matt set off to rescue Ben from the top of the quarry, arriving back with him covered in brushwood and midge-bites shortly before it went dark.

We retired to the Waggon where pork scratchings, crisps, nuts and other commodities were consumed whilst Ben contemplated his reputation for route finding. Wilton 1 came out pretty unanimously on top of New Mills and the Fallowfield pumphouse.

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