Wed 19th May, 2010

Egerton Quarry

Attendees: Dave Wylie, Katharine Bagshaw, Al Metelko, Chris Williams, Gareth Williams, Carolyn Mills, Chris Hall.

Dave and Katherine arrived first and headed to the lower tier of the Empty Quarter. "Space Between my Ears" seemed quite a bit harder than the guidebook grade of Hard Severe, 4a. While Dave was still leading the route, other people arrived and chose the Red Wall/Cherry Bomb area. Joining them later, "Desert Dust" (allegedly at HS, 4b) seemed quite a bit more straightforward than the previous route!

A few other routes in the Red Wall area were climbed, with a fair amount of loose rock coming down in the process. Fortunately, none of this hit the belayers! Occasional faint voices were heard drifting through the heavily wooded quarry, but whether these were other climbers, or just passers-by, remains a mystery. There were also some rather noisy trail-bikers in the vicinity, plus at least one squirrel and a few midges. The quarry does have a few relatively clean and worthwhile routes, but doesnt seem to be popular enough for most of the climbs to stay in condition. However, it probably didnt deserve Katherines dismissal of it as "A bit of a cess-pit"... The lightweights left the quarry at around 9pm, but a hard-core group persisted, despite the lack of light, and finally made it to the pub at 10:45pm.

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