Wed 2nd Jun, 2010

Dovestones Edge

This venue was originally scheduled for May 26th. Unfortunately, afternoon rain in Manchester put most of the KMC off. Two people (Midge Castick and Katarine Bagshaw) did make it out to the crag that evening, but didnt manage to meet each other. The only climbing seems to have been a Moderate, soloed by Midge. However, as she did not suggest an alternative crag, Dovestones Edge was carried forward into June.

Attendees: Dave Wylie, Katharine Bagshaw, Roger Dyke, Midge Castick, Al Metelko, Chris Williams, James Williams, Carolyn Mills, Mark Ashley, Andy Stratford, etc., etc. The weather on June 2nd provided no excuses, so plenty of people turned up at the edge. So many, in fact, that the above attendee list is incomplete! Loads of routes were climbed in the glorious evening sunshine.

Again, as per the attendee list, not all the details have been recorded. Lets just say that several excellent classics and a few less well trodden climbs saw traffic. However, out of all the people who got out to the crag, only 3 went to the pub. Disappointing!

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