Wed 29th Apr, 2009


Another very well attended evening climbing meet. Good weather and, for a change at this location, no problems with midges! Andy Grantham, James & Kasia Hoyle, Tom Makin, Sarah Natali, Mark Ashley, Al Metelko, Trish Cranston, Dave Wylie, Matt Danby, Zubber Nabi, Alec Blower, Bob Kelly, Vanja Celebicic, Pete Kossowski, Christine Stark, Matthew Wilkinson, Carl Pulley and Mark Morris all turned up. The routes included: Alldred's Original (V-Diff) Whittaker's Original (HS, 4a) Meanwhile (S, 4a) Side Step (HS, 4b) Wedge (HS, 4a) Nightmare (VS, 4b) Metamorphosis (VS, 4c) Terror Cotta (HVS, 5a) etc., etc. Hard climber Tom, with a feather in his cap (well, in his helmet) also took Kasia up an E1, 5b route (sorry, I didn't catch its name) - which she "flew up". We'd better keep an eye on our Mrs Hoyle, she'll be leading the E grades soon... The evening almost turned into a "Bring a Colleague Climbing" event: with Dave dragging along Mr Danby from Zen Internet, James' headmaster attending and two people from Bob's work stopping by (though they didn't climb, so don't appear in the list). The pub was the "Millstone", chosen (apparently) because they sell crisps?!

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