Wed 27th Jul, 2005

Summit Quarry

Over half a dozen people turned up at Summit Quarry for this evening's meet, including: John Cox, Dave Wylie, Al Metelko, Dave Dillon, Trish Cranston, Roger Daley, Jamie and a new face, Gary Cook. Dave W. led "Starters" for starters. It is only Diff, but it revealed some of the characteristics of the climbing: no gear, lots of vegetation and some suspect rock at the top of the routes (held together by grass). Al set off on some soloing escapades, as per usual. John began to lead "Disorder", but abandoned it when it became clear that this route had very little opportunity for gear placements. The next route, "The Crab" definitely did have some gear potential, being a pair of cracks. However, as these were overhanging with yet more vegetation, John gave up trying to lead and, declaring that it was more like E1 5b than VS, a top-rope was set up. This resulted in ascents of the route and the neighbouring "Layback Crack" which, at VS 5a and relatively clean, seemed a much better route. Dave D. successfully led "Disorder" and Trish followed him, by which time this Author was leaving the quarry. Few further details of climbing have been received, but it seems that at least a couple of other routes were led. The Author and John headed off to Roy and Ivy Lee's Garden Party which, although less well attended than previous years, proved to be significantly more pleasant than the quarry! So, what will be the venue for next week? Only Dave W. and John attended both the climbing and the nominated apres-meet venue, but John declined to nominate a crag as he won't be around next time. That left it up to the Author to pick somewhere and so a list of potential horror-shows was dug out. Fortunately the remaining climbers later suggested a suitable crag, so don't blame the Author if Horseshoe Quarry is not to your liking!

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