Wed 24th Jun, 2015

Standing Stones - Chew Valley

Are You Lonesome Tonight (Elvis Presley)

Lonesome member: Andy Stratford

After a warm day I didn't bother checking the forecast. A scribble appeared which I replied to saying ''I'm on my way''. I cycled up the track from Binn Green into the wind with clouds blowing in....just as I locked my bike up at the top under Ravenstones the rain came in. I walked up to the crag, arriving at 6pm with the rain quickly easing. I let the wind blow for half an hour then solo'd up a wet Weeping Wall (Diff). No-one had appeared by 7pm so I walked back down to the bike just as another quick shower passed through. And so goes standing stones for another year.....

Voting tonight is oh so tricky.

...but I want to head south - mostly the crags this wednesday season have been on the north and east side so...lets try Ramshaw Rocks.

Andy Stratford

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