Sat 16th Jul - Sun 17th Jul, 2016

Peak District Climbing

Nils Elgar

Members: Clay Conlon, Nils Elgar, Geri Mihalkova, Dave Shotton, Andy Stratford, Jim Symon, George Williams, Dave Wylie

Guests: Amy Spray, Tom Ferneyhough, Ryan Winfield


Saturday, the first choice day, fell victim to poor weather and with it the loss of a few potential attendees. Sunday, however, delivered the goods: an initial cloudy start burnt off by late morning giving a warm, sunny day with sufficient breeze to keep the midges at bay – perfect for climbing. Dave, Gerry and Nils arrived at the Knight’s Move area almost on time to find Clay already waiting. Dave and Geri teamed up to climb Green Crack (VDiff), Still Orange (S 4a), Big Chimney Arete (HS 4b), Ringo (S 4a). Geri made a couple of leads to practice gear placements: Think of England" (Mod) and Sentinel Crack" (VDiff).

Clay and Nils worked their way through a host of starred routes: Still Orange, Big Chimney Arete, Knight’s Move (HVS 5a) before also heading out of area to take in, Black Slab (VS 4b), Brooks Layback (HS 4b) (Clay led this wanting to get some layback practice but then proceeded to jam his way, with some style I might add, to the top), Greeny Crack (VS 4b) and Rose Flake (VS 4b). Clay, Geri and Nils retired relatively early, with Geri needing to rush home to move belongings into her new accommodation, demonstrating to the rest of us how to prioritise our lives.

Meanwhile, Andy, Jim, Tom and Amy had arrived and contrary to instructions began warming up in the Ash Tree Wall area with Ash Tree Wall (S 4a), Ash Tree Crack (VDiff). Andy was hosting Tom and Amy, with Tom getting his first taste of real rock. They then headed over to join the rest taking in Black Slab, Ringo (S 4a), Green Crack (VDiff) and Big Chimney Arete.

Ryan, normally confined to Wednesday meets, had a day pass out and wandered the crag until finding Andy and friends. He then teamed up with Jim taking in Ash Tree Wall, The Grazer (VS 5a), Lieback (HS 4b), Ringo, Ring Climb (S 4a), Hollybush Crack (VS 4b), Knight’s Move, Brook's Layback and Wall Corner(HVD 4a). With this meet, Ryan now meets the criteria for Associate Membership and now needs gentle reminding of the benefits of membership!

Dave and George teamed up and (also not following instructions) climbed at Ash Tree Wall, completing Ash Tree Crack, Bilberry Face (VDiff), Bilberry Crack (VDiff). They then joined others in the Sentinel/Knight's Move areas, climbing Ring Climb and Still Orange. A retreat by Dave from the awkward flared off-width crack of Ringo – which had a few ascents during the day and which seems to be graded anywhere from VD to S 4b according to guidebook! They finished with a few easier climbs, as feet were getting sore and they were feeling a bit lethargic: Black Slab Variation (D), Ring Chimney (D), Sentinel Crack (D).

As the meet leader and author left relatively early, he had no idea whether a social gathering at the pub followed thereafter, but took it on faith that everyone enjoyed their day!

Nils Elgar

Meet Promo:

EDIT - Meet now confirmed for SUNDAY 17th July


What can possibly be better than a day's (or weekend's) climbing on Peak gritstone in high summer?

The venue for this meet is Burbage North.  There is a carpark at SK260830 and spill over parking along the road, but beware as this generally fills up quickly.  We can meet at the Knight's Move area from 10.00am; no doubt groups will wish to spread out as the day progresses.

The aim is to climb, if at all possible, on the Saturday (16 July), with Sunday being kept as the reserve day.  If the forecast is good throughout the weekend, then climbing on both days will be offered.  I will update this meet promo and scribble with final details according to the weather forecast 

Bring sun screeen and insect repellant!

Nils Elgar

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