Wed 13th Jul, 2016

Witches Quarry

Members: Mark Ashley, Ding, Duncan Zefara, Helen Boothman Guests: Ryan Linderman, Fiona Dixon, John Evans, Matt Hartley, Andy Elliott

It was looking unlikely as John, Fiona and Helen sat in cars at the base of the crag watching the drizzle come down. Suddenly though it brightened up, others arrived and a successful evening's climbing was had by all.

John and Fiona headed to the far side of the crag to tick off Serenity (S 4a). Fiona persevered up First Impressions (HS 4b) -  a route which hasn't made it into the new rockfax guide and won't be missed (no stars). They then went to the main wall and added Halloween Outing (S 4a) and Cracklap (HS 4b) to their night's achievements before leading the charge to the local pub.

Duncan and Ryan teamed up, Duncan leading Walpurgis Eve (S 4a) and Nance (VDiff) and Ryan making ascents of both Serenity and Cracklap. Duncan spent much of his time wandering back and forth at the bottom of the crag marvelling at the usefulness of the photos in the rockfax guide when compared to the lancashire rock route finding method which requires intimate knowledge of all the routes to the left of the one you want to climb.

Serenity and Cracklap proved very popular also seeing ascents by Mark and Ding. The infamous pair also successfully tackled Nance and Witches Brew (HS 4b) before hanging around to guide the stragglers to the pub.

Meanwhile Helen had enticed a couple of friends from work along to the meet. Matt started their evening with Cracklap (surprise, surprise) and also made quick work of Peel Off (VS 4c), although for a short time he 'wasn't having that much fun' on the crux. Andy enjoyed Thrutch (VS 4c) although wished he'd taken some larger cams after not realising that the crack at the top would look a lot bigger close up. Helen climbed Witchbane (HVS 5a) and It Started With a Kiss (HVS 5b) although accidentally did the start of Satan's Slave, somehow getting confused even with a colour photograph of the routes available in the guide.

Down at the pub there were only two crags put forward - Troll Wall in Norway (as Duncan is in Norway next week and thought we might like to join him) and Froggatt. To no one's surprise Froggatt won due to its key feature of not being in Norway. Back on the grit next week!


Helen Boothman

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