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Working Meet - Ty Powdwr

Fri 16th Mar - Sun 18th Mar, 2018

James Meakin

Meet Promo

Ty Powder Needs you! Well, folks it’s approaching that time of year..... Ty Powder needs a bit of a Spring clean and various other odd jobs attending to. So, I’m looking for volunteers to come down to the hut on Friday 16th March for a spring clean team briefing.  On the Saturday morning we will set the well oiled spring clean team machine into motion. Oh and I don’t mean `well oiled’ as in from the night before!!

As a sweetner your generous club is offering a combo of a free Saturday lunch (of soup and sandwiches) and two nights free accommodation in return for your efforts.

On Sunday depending on your penchant and the weather, we can climb, walk or scramble til we’ve had our fill.

Do hope you can make it, as it will be pretty lonely if I’m there all on my own and I’ll never get all the jobs done.

James ;)

James Meakin

Ben clearing fallen trees (Dave Wylie)
Joe accessing the damage roof (Dave Wylie)
Llyn Padarn (Dave Wylie)

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