Sun 7th Apr, 2019

President's Hotpot and Photo Comp

Emily Pitts

The day started off damp and dreary with James Meakin shouting from the warmth of the car 'why would you choose such a damp, low lying crag this early in the year'.

Oh ye of little faith.....

In dribs and drabs a motley crew of sixteen climbers convened, with Andy and Dan already at the crag and Jared starting off the affairs with Knight's Move (HVS 5a). A few of us enjoyed a second on this while Jared froze his toes off on the belay. Feeling a little chilly was the order of the morning. 

Slowly, as we worked through various Burbage North Classics, the sun started seeping through until it was glorious, warm spring sunshine, with a great club vibe going on. 

At around 3.30, I left to organise things over at the Globe and at 6pm the Globe started to fill up with attendees for the hotpot. This year, we rang the changes in, with a steamed treacle sponge instead of apple pie. Who knew that Joe Flynn was so attached to apple pie? The uproar! It turned out he rather enjoyed the new pud, so more of this next year.

Attendees - Climbing: Joe Flynn, John Warburton (ex-member), Andy Stratford, Gareth Williams, Meirion tanner, Jared Kitchen, Steve Graham, Gowry Sisupalan, Jack Buzcko, Clay Conlon, Koi Oi Ding, Mark Ashley, David Rainsbury, James Meakin, Colin Maddison, Emily Pitts.

Attendees - Hotpot:  Jared Kitchen, Andy Stratford, Midge Castick, John Castick, Emily Pitts, Tim Howarth, Dan O'Brien, Dave Shotton, Colin Maddison, Lucie Crouch, Gareth Williams, Roger Dyke, Geri Mihalkova, David Rainsbury, Koi Oi Ding, Clay Conlon, Alan (L) Jones, Dave Wylie, Jim Symon, Philippa Maye, Mark Ashley, James Richardson +1, John Warburton. 

First, Trophies were awarded for the 2018 fell race, then reviewing photos, in earnest followed by video submissions. It turned out the projector at the Globe wasn't the highest quality, but we made it work, with the promise of a pdf (below), for everyone to review this year's submissions in greater detail.

Here's the rundown of 2018/19 winners across all the categories:  


Trophies Awarded: 2018 Fell Race

Fastest Woman: Michelle Harvie

Fastest Person: Mark Garrod

Concordia Trophy: Emily Pitts

Shelagh Manning Trophy: Craig Marsden


Photo Competition

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos to this year's Photo & Video Competition. The President's Hotpot evening certainly saw some laughs raised. If you missed the hotpot, you haven't totally missed out. The hotpot presentation with all the photos is here for you to download and review at your leisure:​

 KMC Photo Competition 2019.pdf


**Winning Photos**

Rock Action: 1st Place - Sean kelly

2nd - Clay Conlon

3rd - Adam McCudden

Highly commended - John Castick


Mountain Action: 1st Place - Clay Conlon

2nd - Sean Kelly

3rd - Gowry Sisupalan

Highly commended - Sean Kelly


Mountain Landscape: 1st Place - Sean Kelly 

2nd - Sean Kelly

3rd - Virginia Castick

Highly commended - James Richardson


Human Interest: 1st Place: Adam McCudden

2nd - Emily Pitts

3rd - Virginia Castick

Highly commended - Virginia Castick


Video Competition: 1st Place: Dan O'Brien - Missing Mankinholes

2nd Place: Craig Marsden - featuring Jim Symon

3rd Place: Adam Mccudden - Dry Tooling at Masson Lees

4th Place: Adam Mccudden - Climbing



Another year of spectacular club photos and videos; congratulations to all the winners. Your trophy will duly be engraved and passed to you to cherish until next year's entertainment. 

Emily Pitts


Emily Pitts

Meet Promo:

President’s Hot Pot & Photographic Competition


On Sunday 7th April 2019, the annual President’s Hot Pot and Photographic Competition will once again be held at the Globe in Glossop.

This is a cracking event in the KMC meets calendar, well attended and giving the opportunity to go climbing or walking in the day, followed by an early evening of socialising and reviewing the best of KMC in photograph and on film. If you are a non-member, you will be welcomed to join us at the climbing and hot pot.


Deadline for entries is midnight on Friday 22nd March

Late entries will not be accepted

Early entries are greatly appreciated


Climbing Meet

During the day is the obligatory climbing meet at Burbage North. Meet around Knight's Move Buttress anytime from 10.30am (or earlier if you fancy). Aim to leave the crag by 5 pm latest to get back to the Globe for a pint before the food is served.


Walking Meet

We are looking for someone to lead a walking meet. Could that be you? If you’re interested, email Emily:


Photographic Competition

Deadline for entries is Friday 22nd March at midnight.

The competition will be for photographs in digital format in the following categories:

  • Mountain Action
  • Mountain Landscape
  • Rock Action
  • Human Interest/Digital Fun

All photographs and videos must have been taken or shot in the last twelve months. 

Up to three entries per person per category will be accepted.



  • Send your entries to
  • Give details of the category into which you are entering each photo
  • Name your files as follows: CATEGORY – YOUR NAME – PHOTO TITLE


There is NO RESTRICTION on file size for photographs!! Please do not worry about reducing the photo sizes.


Video Competition

For all you budding directors, we now have a motion picture category.


Entries can be 15 seconds to 5 minutes in length. Upload your entry to either:

  • Your own dropbox
  • Your own Google Drive
  • Your Youtube Channel
  • Wetransfer

Then send the link to


Superstar judging will take place on Saturday 23rd March, so don’t miss out!


Hot Pot & Slide Show: from 7 pm

Meet at the Globe anytime from 5.30pm

The Globe will be serving the usual veggie hotpot followed by apple pie and custard. The meal will start at 7.00pm sharp and be followed by the photographic competition slide show.  Cost is £6.00 per head. 


To book: Email Jared Kitchen by Friday 22nd March:


For those that haven’t been before, the Globe is on High Street West in Glossop; see map at,-1.95657

I’m looking forward to seeing you out for a climb/ walk and at the hotpot to enjoy the best of what KMC 2018-2019 has to offer.


Emily Pitts

Emily Pitts

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