Wed 3rd Apr, 2019

Hobson Moor Quarry

Members: Emily Pitts, Michelle Mudhar, Dave Dillon, Dan O’Brien, Jim Symon, Clay Conlon, Gareth Williams (cameo), Meirion Tanner (cameo)

Guests: Fergus McCullough, Girish Ramesh, 


The Glossop Massive in the form of Williams (Gareth) and Tanner (Meirion) made cameo appearances, a couple of hours apart, the former arriving just as the sleet and snow hit, the latter, as climbing wrapped up and the sun went down. Four seasons in one hour didn’t stop the rest of the motley crew from climbing, albeit with a hiatus as the heavens opened shortly after arrival. Jim and Clay managed to whip up The Harp, then onto Crew’s Route after the Squall. 


Dan, Girish, Fergus and I variously pootled around the right hand side of the traverse, trying out some fun moves and generally enjoying the company alongside the climbing. 


Meanwhile, Michelle and Dave created a handsome setup for Michelle to test out in her bid to get fit for the Old Man of Hoy, which she is aiming to climb in 2020. Check out if you want to find out more about the curious setup and Michelle’s ambitious adventure.


A great start to the 2019 outdoor meets calendar. 


Emily Pitts

Meet Promo:


A KMC favourite to start the outdoor mid-week meets 2019. This year the mid-week meets have been voted by members before the summer begins, and Hobson Moor Quarry came in second over-all!

The crag is very close to Manchester and the walk in can be measured in seconds. It contains a selection of really good gritstone routes of all grades, staked belays, and some bouldering too. It's a crag I've been too many times before and continue to go! In fact, I was bouldering there last Saturday...

I hope you will all consider coming out for the first mid-week of the year. We'll get a some routes in, and grab a pint after the sun goes in. Keep an eye on scribble for updates, and if you have any questions, just let me know. 


Jared Kitchen, Outdoor Meets Secretary, 

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