Fri 23rd Aug - Mon 26th Aug, 2019

Fancy Dress Climb and Bank Holiday BBQ - Ty-Powdwr

Nils Elgar

Present:  Laura Bond, Jack Buczko, Caro Churchill (+ Stephen Lopacki [guest] + kids), Ian Crook + Emily (+ kids), Dave Dillon, Nils Elgar, Kate Harvey, Graham Hazlehurst (+ Emily Liddell), Tim Howarth, Jacob King (Prospective Member), Oi Ding Koy, Duncan and Vicky Lee (+ Kieran Lee); Greg Nunn, Dan and Katy O’Brien, Mark and Elizabeth (Prospective Member) (+ Sophie), Emily Pitts, Louis Raettig (Prospective Member), David Rainsbury, Dave Shotton, Gowry Sisupalan, Merion Tanner, Ann and Steve Waters (+ kids), Dave Wylie.


(My apologies if I have missed anyone out – it was a well-attended meet.)


Wow – what a weekend!  Out of a dismal wet and miserable August 2019, came three amazing days of sun and warmth to coincide with the Bank Holiday weekend.  This encouraged members, prospective members, kids, grand kids and guests to flock in numbers (35+) to the Hut for a weekend of activity – far too much to possibly recount in this meet report.


Of note, a healthy crowd of ex. Salford University Mountaineering Club members turned up, presumably to take advantage of the weather and to catch up with Graham Hazlehurst, who was back in the country for a few weeks escaping the New Zealand winter, accompanied by Emily Liddell, his significant other.


The official programme was a day of climbing at Holyhead Mountain on the Saturday followed by a BBQ in the evening.  The climbing venue was thought small enough to ensure all groups could mix throughout the day.  So it turned out a surprise to me that indeed some groups never caught up with others throughout the entire day – I thought some had ended up in the pub instead….  Mark and Nils were first out the door as Mark was keen to add to his tally of Parkrun venues – taking in Penrhyn Castle.  Due to an ongoing injury (thanks to Parkrun), Nils acted as cheer-leader for Mark to ensure he satisfactorily navigated this circuit.


The BBQs came out on Saturday evening and a pleasant was had by all.  The Fancy Dress came out, photos taken.  We also helped celebrate Katy’s birthday.


There was no programme on the Sunday, but the slate quarries saw a visit by a number of KMCers.  Meanwhile Mark Pilling introduced his six year old daughter, Sophie, to climbing at Lion Rock, where it turned out that coming down was somewhat harder than going up!


Monday – well I’m not really sure what happened to most.  A few car loads, including, Emily (P), Dave (S), David (R), Dave (S), Merion, Gowry, Nils headed off to the Moelwyns to Clogwyn yr Oen and did some fine routes there (including Bent, Slick, Slack), to be joined by Dave D and Ding for moral support.


My thanks to Emily for organising the fancy dress and BBQ side of things.

Nils Elgar

Meet Promo:

The August Bank Holiday meet (Friday 23 to Monday 26 August) at Ty Powdwr is our next meet.  A climbing venue for Saturday can be debated on Friday night – but the aim is to pick somewhere appropriate for the weather and to suit a range of abilities.  If you are keen on leading / participating on a walk, please let me know and I’ll try and connect all those who have expressed an interest.

Fancy Dress Climbing: In the footsteps of our forebears, the coming weekend welcomes our Fancy Dress Climbing celebrations.  This time round we are going for a Myths & Legends theme, which covers a multitude of options.  If Nea Morrin is your chosen legend, perhaps you'll look forward to donning a set of tweed breeches and a loose white shirt.  Perhaps you can get inspired by the Greeks and grace us with your presence as the evil King Minos or heroic Odysseus?  If the Romans are more your thing, then you've got loads to go at: Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, Hermes.... the list goes on.  The present day legends might float your boat better - Madonna, MJ, Prince, Bowie.... so many to pick from.  Do make sure you make an effort to play along – apparently it's fun!  The photos from the last two fancy dress efforts have been excellent and add a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to the Club photo archive. 

How it works: Saturday, we all get dressed up and go out climbing, then come back and have a lovely BBQ in the sunshine. Happy days. 

BBQ Plans: Saturday night - being lit at 6.30pm, food on at 7pm. 

Please bring £2 in coins to add into the kitty for: Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Relish, Mayonnaise, Butter (for bread), Charcoal, Firelighters. Any leftover money will go to Llanberis Mountain Rescue. 

Bring your own: Bread, Salad, meat/ meat-free option to put on the barbie, drinks

Can two people please bring a spare BBQ? Post on scribble to let people know you're bringing one to save everyone bringing one. 

Questions about Fancy Dress & BBQ to Emily Pitts: or, to me (Nils Elgar) about activities,

Thanks and see you at the weekend. 

Emily Pitts / Nils Elgar

Nils Elgar

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