Sat 2nd Mar, 2019

75th Trail Challenge - Trail 3

Tim Howarth

Jared Kitchen

Trail 2: The Wessenden Moor Downhill (7.5km)


The 75th Trail Challenge is a year-long race that covers 75km of trails in the The Peak District. The challenge is open to everyone and there are lots of prizes to be won! There are 9 trails that vary in length between 5km and 10km. Competitors can run or walk the trails because anyone can win, but you must have fun; enjoy each journey and the places that you visit along the way.


Every month a new trail map will be published for the race. On the map are check points that must be visited to complete the trail. At each check point will be a hidden question on the KMC’s history. Finding and answering the questions in the fastest time is the way to win the race! Points will be awarded for completing each trail, how quickly you complete each trail, and for answering the questions correctly. Each trail will only be open for a limited time so being fast is the name of the game…


The third trail of the year is a downhill race above my home town, Marsden. It is a route I have ran many times (even in the dark) and it is a personal favourite. It is a one-way route that initially follows the Pennine way around Pule hill, then across Wessenden moor, to meet the Wessenden track that leads past Butterley reservoir and down into to Marsden. The trail is good quality and navigation very easy, but there are some route options and some technical sections too. There are 4 checkpoints. Tim Howarth will be inside The New Inn in Marsden, between 10am and 12pm on Saturday 2nd March to meet everyone and give maps to all the racers. After collecting a map the racers must either drive or catch the bus up the hill to the start of the route. Please come prepared for the prevailing conditions, bring your own compass and a pen, and a few pounds for the bus, a pint and lunch back in the pub afterwards. I look forward to seeing you all on the 2nd for a morning of adventure...


Jared Kitchen, KMC Outdoor Meets Secretary


PS: If you miss the race don’t worry, you have until 30th March to get around! Drop me an email and I’ll send you the trail map. Don’t wait too long though; the sooner you do the trail the more points you get! Good luck!

PPS: Please hit the 'Add Me' button if you think you are coming. It would help me to know how many maps to print. Thanks.

PPPS: The buses up the hill on Saturdays are every 3 mins past the hour. But then maybe its quicker to drive??? Who knows?



Jared Kitchen

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