Wed 26th Jun, 2019

Witches Quarry

Memebers: Dan O'brian, Mark Ashley, Jared Kitchen, Helen Boothman, Andrew Vine

Prospectives: Joseph Markus, Fergal McCullough, Mark Bland, Helen friend

Weather: Sunny and warm, gentle breeze. Lovely.


Jared arrived around 6pm to find Dan, Mark and Joe getting stuck straight in to the limestone cliff. A wonderful evening of top routes was to follow with not a winge about quality, but instead about the bomber belays that were conviently placed further back than the routes were long! 'You need two ropes for that!' Thought Jared, having run out of rope (he wasn't the only one!).

Anyway, Jared wasted no time in recruiting 3 top prospectives and set about sand-bagging them with a selction of starred HVS's. Dan and mark were loving the stars at VS and thouroghly sent a good selection of classics. Andy V thought they looked good too, and partnered with Mark A for a lead of the very best, while Helen and her friend worked there way up the grades, sampling good climbing from HS up...

Around 9pm the sun dipped and the midges came out, beckoning retreat. The drive made the gathering prefer to skip the pub finale, and headed for home instead. It was great to see everyone and visit Witches. It's a great crag. Lovely evening with great company. Thanks guys.


Next Week: The Roaches!! See you all there. 

Jared Kitchen

Meet Promo:

"Witches' Quarry, on the slopes of Pendle Hill, is a limestone outcrop with an improbable number of quality lines for a minor crag.  The local folklore surrounding witches and witchcraft lends itself to some of the colourfully named routes.  There is also a non-existent walk-in that allows you park at the foot of the crag – get there early if the weather is fine!  With hidden spike belays, glorious sunsets and nice local pubs for the cool-down, you definitely get the sense there is something magical about the place."

Daniel O'Brien

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