Wed 10th Jul, 2019

Shining Clough

Members: Jared Kitchen, Gareth Williams, Fergal McCullough

Prospectives: Paul Lonsdale, Paul Barber, Matt (sorry matt I forgot your surname)


Jared arrived at Woodhead around 5.30 and waited patiently for triple convoy of French campers to park up. Jared then kitted up and it was not long before Gareth arrived, then the Pauls and Matt. Fergal, however, thought the 6pm walk in time was a bit flexible, and had to run to catch us up. Luckily he was wearing shorts which helped in the humid evening, but not so much with midges. He's immune by the way! Figures.

The steep slog up the hill was enjoyed by everyone and we soon arrived at the base of the crag. Everyone was suitably impressed and setting up a camp underneath classic three star VS, Pheonix Climb, we slapped on a bit of midge poison and got to buisness. Gareth wasted no time in a swift accent of the crag classic while Jared ran around to the top to drop a rope down the 3 star severe Via Principia. The party had a go on each route but despite numerous accents, one of Gareths cams was left in the crag! We only noticed after pulling the ropes of course...

After the neccessary faff to retrieve it, we were all at the bottom by 9 pm,  and a swift run down the hill got us to the car park for twilight, just as the swarms decended!! Straight in the car. See you next week guys...

Jared Kitchen

Meet Promo:

Esoteric and exposed, Shining clough was once super popular, and has a significant history in the development of Peak gritstone climbing. It is almost hidden when view from the road (unless you know where to look) but when the crag is finally viewed up close, it is big and wild! The routes here are long by gritstone standards and are good and varied. A selection of the best ranges from Severe to E3 with the very best at VS and HVS. Its definitely worth a visit, even if you just get on Phoenix climb! Details of the crag are found here:


I’ll not lie, the walk-in is stiff and the crag points north. But then it’s the middle of summer and some would say that that’s perfect timing for a visit! I plan to start the walk in about 5.30. The approach has confused people in the past. Please use the approach notes on UKC and in the Rockfax guides; not the old BMC guides. Please DO NOT use the farmers track up the hill! Please bring your head torch for the walk-out, and some midge repellant too should the beasts be around. Any questions please ask. Thanks guys, see you all there!


Jared Kitchen, KMC Outdoor Meets Secretary,

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