Wed 18th Sep, 2019

Wilton 1

The crown of Lancashire Grit! This BMC owned scar of quarried gritstone was once my local crag. At a glance the walls look a bit dark and ominous, however; the truth is the walls are just chock full of awesome climbing. The crag points north and sometimes takes a little travel to come into condition, but the parking in next to pub and the walk in is measured in minutes, maybe 2, 3 max. It's late in the season, and this means that Wilton 1 is in, so we definitly have to go...Details can be found here:


6pm is the offical start but there'll be people about before hand. Please bring bug spray, headtorch and a warm layer too. There is loads of parking in the crag carkpark. But please note that this is not the pub carpark. I'll be having tea in the pub after if anyine wants to join? They do a very good burger and chips...See you all at the crag everyone.

Jared Kitchen

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