Sat 15th May, 2021

Walk and Cake

Philippa Maye

Moorland amble and cake

Saturday 15th May

It’s great that the meets are up and running again and we can catch up with club members, dust off walking boots and brush up on navigation, or is that just me?  This is a 7-mile circular walk and, apart from the steep side of Pule Hill near the beginning, is on relatively flat terrain. We will, at times, traverse some classic paths, The Oldham Way, The Station to Station Walk and The Pennine Way. The pace will be leisurely, especially if the weather is kind and as there are some picture-perfect scenes along the way we take the time to enjoy them…this will not be a route march! Please bring a lunch and drinks and with Jim as my Sherpa I will provide cakes – plural! 

For those who would prefer more physical exertion there are also the options of starting later and running the route, or taking your climbing boots and bouldering on Pule Hill or later on the walk at Standedge Edge. If the weather is anything like it has been over the same weekend last couple of years, then remember to bring sunscreen and a hat! 

If you are intending to come please contact me for more information, my contact details are in the handbook. 

Philippa Maye

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