Fri 13th May - Sun 15th May, 2022

The Roaches: DWMH

Roger Dyke

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Full Weekend Meet Friday 13th – Sunday 15th May 2022

Come here in my early climbing days, and you could have been startled by a wallaby bounding by. Or invited to leave by a ferocious man with an axe.  Nowadays it’s more peaceful at the Roaches and you can stay in comfort at what was the axeman’s grim abode.   Today we have the benefit of electricity, running water (both from H&C taps and thro the rock roof to the kitchen), superb flush toilets and a modern shower.  Right outside is some of the best grit in the UK.  Several hundred routes from Diff to high E’s; beginner’s routes to classics like Valkyrie and The Sloth and beyond.

There is a grand ridge walk from the Hut, a café only half a mile away, and one mile away “The Rock Inn” has reopened after a rebuild.

The Don Whillans Memorial Hut is skilfully integrated into the lower tier of the main crag.  There are 2 dorms, a total of 12 places.   Lots of info about the Hut at the BMC links:   Don Whillans Memorial Hut gives basic info and this The Don Whillans Hut: a history does what it says on the tin.

This is a Members and Associate Members only outing, but non-members will be welcome to haul up during the days. It’s £25 a head for the weekend, or £18 for one night, best payable by electronic transfer to KMC Account 11838301 Sort 16-22-27 and email to Roger Mapleson ( or to me.   Failing that, cheque or cash to R Dyke.    Payment in advance is the only way to be guaranteed a place.  If you’re on the Intend to Attend list and haven’t paid yet, please do so now…..

If you decide to come for just the day and not stay, that’s fine.   We residents will treat you to coffee & tea, then in the evening you can treat us to supper at the pub.

Roger Dyke

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Roger D
Andy S
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