Sun 9th Jan, 2022

Lancashire Fell Run

Duncan Lee

Members present: Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Michelle Harrison, Tom Marsden, Craig “El Presidente” Marsden, Roger Mapleson, John Cox, Kate Harvey, Liam Brady and Duncan Lee.

   A hardy group of mainly old grocks gathered in the snow covered car park to grumble about their various ailments and injuries as we all put our excuses out there before setting off. Niggling knees, tight calves and bad backs were all on the agenda as we set forth. Initially we skirted around the edge of Deep Clough before cutting over towards Thirteen Stone Hill. At this point Kate cut down to the Rossendale Way and looped back to Cloughhead to complete a nice 3 mile (ish) loop.

   The rest of us then dropped down past Leys End to Holden Wood Reservoir where 8 of us turned left and JC turned right in order to shorten the route. Saying that however he still covered  the best part of 7.8 miles taking in Hog Lowe Pike on the way, not bad for someone who isn’t supposed to be running, but what do doctors know! The main group continued on to Helmshore from where we flogged up to the windswept top of  Tor Hill, briefly took in the views and headed westwards to join the Rossendale Way as it contoured around the back of the Musberry Valley. It was somewhere along this stretch that Craig gleefully jumped in a puddle and soaked Liam, the ensuing tidal wave got as far as his armpits.

   Once below the ruins of Causeway End the team split in half with Mark, Mich Harvie, Craig and Roge continuing on along the Rossy Way whilst the remaining 4 carried on with plan A. The B team did however make the elementary mistake of letting Mich get in front and followed her so their shortened route turned out to be a bit longer than they wanted.

  As the remaining 4 of us cut across the moor towards Hog Lowe Pike, Liam as always had to try and go shoulder to shoulder with someone as he got all competitive, but seeing as he picked Tom as his victim it was more like shoulder to waist and he got his backside well and truly kicked . After a quick photo at the trig point we carried on squelching through the mire across Edgerton Moss to rejoin the Rossy Way for a canter back to the car park. As we neared the end we were surprised to see the B team coming the other way but hey, they did follow Mich! Even more surprising was the fact that I got the distance right for once and the full route was exactly 10 miles.

  Once back at the cars we all treated ourselves to well earned beverages at the café as the convivial chatting , that had gone on all the way round the run, continued for sometime as Liam caused chaos by trying to grab any brew that appeared.

  Thanks to everyone who turned out and helped to make it such a nice sociable run, and yes Liam that does include you.

Duncan Lee

Meet Promo:

 The plan is for a 10am start from Cloughhead car park (gr751231), just off the B6232 Haslingden to Blackburn road, with the run consisting of a gentle 10 mile (ish) loop around the moors of Rossendale. Mud is guaranteed unless we have a winter drought or a hard freeze so a good pair of fell shoes would be useful as well as a waterproof on the off chance that it might rain.

The free car park also has toilets and a nice friendly café for a well earned brew after the run.

Duncan Lee

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