Sun 2nd Jan, 2022

Dry Tooling - Masson Lees

Adam McCudden

Day meet -  10 am at the parking (Salters Lane, Matlock -  53.131554, -1.580387)

Join us at The Crag of Dreams for some perma-dry-tooling action.  Thanks to the increased number of tooling routes, which now start at a more amenable M2.Our December 2021 meet left people wanting more. If you'd like to find out why, why not start the new year by trying something new.

Masson is now a fantastic place to try out dry-tooling, or train for hard winter climbing.  As the majority of the routes are sheltered from the wind and rain by cave, the meet will go ahead whatever the weather, but on the off chance it’s dry, its worth packing your rock shoes, as the sport climbing at the crag is also worth a look.

Helmets are mandatory at Masson, and thinn gloves are recommended.

Here’s a link to the guidebook:

Any questions, drop me a line


Adam McCudden

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