Sat 22nd Oct - Sun 6th Nov, 2022

Ecuador - Glaciers and Volcano climbing

Andy S

We had a fantastic couple of weeks from the 21st Oct to the 5th Nov, blessed by good weather and good luck.

Full report to follow in a future edition of the Newsletter

Team: Andy Stratford (trip leader), Mark Pilling (treasurer), Steve Graham, Stuart Hurworth, Emily Thompson, Greg Nunn, Michelle (Mich) Harrison, Harry Potts

Team member summits:

Imbabura (PD) 4680m: Tuesday 25th Oct - Andy, Stevie, Mark, Stuart, Mich, Emily, Greg and Harry

Iliniza Norte (PD-) 5126m: Thurs 27th Oct - Andy, Stevie, Mark, Stuart, Mich and Harry

Iliniza Norte (PD-) 5126m: Fri 28th Oct - Emily, Greg and Harry

Iliniza Sur (AD) 5263m: Fri 28th Oct - Andy and Steve

Cayambe (PD) 5790m:  Mon 31st Oct - Andy, Stevie, Mark, Stuart, Mich, Emily and Greg.  Harry to 5500m 

Pichincha Integrale (PD-) 4794m: Weds 2nd Nov - Traverse of several peaks incl Guagua 4794m, Padre 4685m and Rucu 4698m - Emily and Greg

Antisana (AD-) 5705m: Thurs 3rd Nov - Andy, Stevie, Mark, Stuart and Mich


Cotopaxi was off-limits due to gaseous emissions and eruption fears.

Andy Stratford

Meet Promo:


Quito, capital of Ecuador, is situated at 2850m in ‘’The Avenue of Volcanos’’ – it is surrounded by both extinct, dormant, and active volcanic peaks between 3500m and 6300m. Members of the team will make attempts to climb several (but not all....!!) of these non-glaciated and glaciated volcanic peaks including Imbabura (4,609m), Illiniza Norte (5,126), Illiniza Sur (5,263m), Antisana (5,705m) Ecuador's fourth highest mountain, Cayambe (5,790m) the third highest and Cotopaxi (5,890m) the second highest.

Antisana, which is slightly more difficult to access, is climbed way less than the popular 3 highest mountains; Cayambe, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo - all three of which are located in the central valley near Quito and it presents a significantly greater technical challenge with a couple of steep pitches at the end. It can have poorer weather as it is affected by the Amazon rain forest and is also heavily crevassed with some tricky route finding, all of which must be completed at night. Two weeks isn't long to get most of these climbed.... but we'll do our best!


Andy Stratford

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