Fri 26th May - Sun 4th Jun, 2023

Skye Glen Brittle campsite

Michelle Harrison

Skye. Glen brittle campsite.

Whit week May 26th – June 4th

The Cuillin Mountains on the Isle of Skye provide some of the most challenging hiking, scrambling and climbing routes in the UK to test and improve your mountaineering skills on magnificent rock in an amazing place.


Turn up, pictch up! - All welcome! (do please indicate if you are coming along though)


Campsite details can be found here:


Michelle Harrison

Intending to Attend:
Michelle Harrison
Andy S
Stevie G
Stuart H
Edward Courtnell
Sean Clancy
Dainius Babrauskas
Chris K
Colin Maddison
Jessica Pealing
Nathalie Lacroix
Dave Wylie
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