Fri 16th Jun - Sun 18th Jun, 2023

Ty Powdwr working meet Thurs 15th to Sun 17th

Andy Stratford

The work for the meet will be extended to Thursday 15th and Friday 16th.

The primary job on those two days will be prepping and painting the kitchen. With a small, dedicated team, we hope to have this completed by Friday night so that Saturday it can be put back in order by the team that turn up on Friday evening the 16th.

Your Hut Management Group (HMG) are looking for some good, neat, experienced, and happy painters who are up for making a good tidy job using some good quality mould and damp-resistant wipeable kitchen paint.

If you would like to be part of this team on Thursday and Friday please let me know asap. Anyone working these days, will, of course, not have to pay fees.

If you are a newer member or prospective member you would be very welcome to come. Accommodation is free for two nights in return for a full day’s work (on Saturday).

Lunch is provided on Saturday as well as copious tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day

Other (Saturday) jobs outside include:

  • Strimming the track and clearing grass, debris etc from the track ditch.
  • Pothole filling and tamping
  • Building a base for the new bench with the Gravel
  • Gravelling some car park areas as required.
  • Permanent BBQ building (if our BBQ chief can make the meet!)
  • Installing the memorial slate (if it has been inscribed by then!)
  • Clearing windfall branches
  • Starting on the project to build steps to the knoll.
  • Thoughtful tree trimming to complete on the knoll.
  • A little tree trimming elsewhere, but we are mostly on top of this now.
  • Mowing the paddock

Inside (Saturday) jobs include:

  • Kitchen sort out post painting
  • Dorm usual deep clean and mattress cover change
  • More to add to this list in the coming weeks.


Climbing somewhere as some of us will have been working for three days!


Andy Stratford

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