Wed 14th Jun, 2023

Running Hill Pits, Saddleworth

Daniel Arrowsmith

Running Hill Pits - 14 June 2023

Attendees: Jess Bailey, Yvonne King, Robert Clark, Fergal McCullough, Daniel Arrowsmith and Phil.

By the time I had arrived Robert had already completed the classic ‘Dead Dog Crack’ (VS 4c) which Fergal was just about done wrestling with. The next contender Jess then followed to retrieve the remainder of Robert’s gear and practice her jamming.

Robert then superbly waltzed (lead) up Sodom (E1 5c) with me in tow and not particularly pleased at how easy Robert made it look for a route he once seconded around 10 years before! Robert would then go on to lead Cave Crack and take a gander at Breakdown (HVS 5c) but decided the better of it.

Yvonne arrived later after a fight with a barbed wire fence (she lost) and traipsing around the quarries (my superb direction arrived approximately the day after). However, her tardiness and mildly amputated leg did not stop her seconding Phil on Dead Dog Crack and The Cracks (Severe) then leading Hazy Groove (VD). Despite pretending to be a caver, Yvonne could not figure out how to squirm up Cave Crack. Maybe next time Yvonne!

Jess later coolly led Hazy Groove and The Cracks whilst seconding Fergal on Dusty Arete (Diff). I say coolly as she was determined to wear her ‘on point’ shades all day, apparently it being sunny is an excuse these days. So rad.

I’d rather not talk about what I did or didn’t(!) do but some climbing was done by me too.


Daniel Arrowsmith

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