Sat 24th Jun - Sun 25th Jun, 2023

Welsh 3000's Ty Powdwr

Liam Brady

Welsh 3's with a difference is planned North to South to finish at Ty-Powder KMC Hut which will be a good place to recover and socialise after this challenging trip.

If the weather is favourable I am thinking of heading off at  7pm on Friday evening from the car park (with the standing stones) above Rowen SH 7152 7177  and bivvy on top (the choice is up to the team; ethical folk will bivvy on Fael-Fras, cheats like me, Jim and Mark Rothers will get as far across the Carnedd's as we can to get a head start for the big day ahead...

Sat alpine start 4am head down to Ogwen (car will be there to take your bivvy gear), head up Tryfan (via North Ridge), up Glyder Fach (Bristly Ridge), at this point the teams may form 2 groups a faster team and a steady team (let's not have further splinter groups as we may need to be supportive and on our toes going over Crib Goch (towards the end of this epic day), I actually have a vision of Jim being carried across this ridge (so I won't be in his group).....

Next we will head across Glyder Fawr, Y-Garn and onto the beast Elider Fawr which offers an escape route directly down to the hut if the weather or legs are not playing ball (please no heroics).

if we are going well we will continue down to Nant Peris up the pass onto Crib Coch, Carnedd Ugain and finish on Ye Wyddra (Snowdon) and down to Llanberis where I will try to organise lifts back to the hut.

This will be a great adventure over the best Welsh mountains if nothing else it will be a laugh, I do hope we get a good range of KMC ages on this challenging trip, I am doing a recce in a couple of weeks so I will be lost in Wales in May and June.

Please contact me if you have any queries 


ps: I am working on having a Sherpa (veggie) Stew sorted for folk arriving back at the hut (Sat evening) and car logistics will be planned when numbers of folk are known...

updated notice issued 21.05.23

Hi All, 

I recced the Welsh 3’s on Friday 19th May heading out over a wet and very claggy Carnedd’s, the weather was blustery but cleared for my ascent of the brilliant Tryfan North Ridge and Bristly Ridge over the Glyders, Y Garn to Elidir Fawr down to Nant Peris and into a BnB in Llanberis this was a long (11 hours plus) and very tough day so I know the full route will very challenging for me.

I was really pleased to be introduced a chap at Stanage last weekend  called “Andy” who informed me that he and his mate are keen to join me on this challenge on 24th June (Andy, please add your names and emails to the meets notice on the KMC website and I will be in touch) and Paul Lonsdale has already put his name down on the KMC website meets notice.

My plan is to get to the KMC hut Ty Powder on Friday 23rd June during the day where I will drop off food (veggie Sherpa Stew) and a few beers and wine for the team arrival on Sat. 

I am struggling with my support team (busy daughters apparently) so I am re thinking the bivvying out suggestion and I now propose to arrive at the car park above Rowen on Friday evening and sleep in the car or bivvy next to the car (weather permitting). Head out early as possible (3am-4am) NB: if the weather is good the heat will be a considerable challenge (hydration will be key) hence the proposed early start to avoid the heat of the day over the Carnedd’s (probably be peeing down)….

I am currently working on a few of my old crusty buddies (KMC Legends) to kindly meet  the team in Ogwen (to allow us to off load any unnecessary kit and get replenished with water (and some goodies I will provide).  Guys this support (yet to be confirmed) is much appreciated. The Crusties will join us on Tryfan North Ridge and Bristly ridge scrambles…other folk may also find this appealing…let’s see….all welcome…

If the weather is really bad and/or my legs aren’t playing ball I will head down to the hut from Elidir Fawr (no heroics from me), if the weather is really really bad I may chuck the towel in at Ogwen, if the weather is really, really, really bad I may stop before I even start!………. However if all goes to plan and we do the full round I suggest getting taxis back to the hut from Llanberis (walking up to the hut is an option, but not for me)… 

This is a tough challenge that might prove too much for me, adventure is about uncertainty - however the one certainty is that this will be a fun filled day in wonderful mountains.

If your up for this challenge please add your name to the KMC website Welsh 3’s meets notice and I will circulate emails to the team to confirm logistics and arrangements. If you want to contact me direct my email is




Liam Brady

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