Fri 5th May - Tue 9th May, 2023

Chamonix ski touring/climbing

James Smith


Four days of skiing into rock/ ice routes in the high mountains above Chamonix. It might be day trips, it might involve an overnight stay in an Alpine hut, but we will take whatever the weather and conditions bring. In my opinion, this is the best time of year to visit the Alps! For ideas or inspiration, take a look at the recently revised Rockfax book;

Prior experience of ski touring and climbing in an Alpine environment is required for taking part in these activities. The skiing will be more about using skis as the most efficient mode of travel on snow to get to and from the route objective. It isn't a multi-day hut to hut type trip. Having said that, if the conditions are such that climbing rock or ice is not on the cards, perhaps some longer day tours or an overnight tour (e.g. up to the Contamines hut) becomes an option.



Fly to Geneva airport on Friday evening, and travel via one of the many Chamonix transfer operators to Chx. I would like to offer our apartment to stay in (8 beds available plus a couple of mattress/ floor space if needed) which is a stones throw from the Midi lift opposite Le Morgane hotel. In the unlikely event that more space is required, then some additional accomodation nearby will be required. We will use the valley bus/ train to move around the valley as needed and so avoiding the need for car hire. Late Tuesday afternoon, we will take another transfer back to Geneva late on Tuesday and fly home. There are a lot of flights to Geneva and corresponding transfers to Chamonix (transfers range from 25-35 euros per person one way with Cham Express, Mountain Drop-Off, Alpy Bus, etc), and so it is not essential to all meet at a particular time. There will be a nominal cost to cover the cost of cleaning and linen of the apartment (about 120 euros to split by however many people are staying).

James Smith

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