Wed 3rd May, 2023

Higgar Tor

Gareth Williams

Andy Stratford, Brian Tarnowski, Daniel Arrowsmith and Gareth Williams were the lucky four who braved the rough grit of Higgar Tor. It was a beautiful sunny evening with a biting cold wind making it feel very cold in the shade. Numerous routes were climbed, including Paddock (VDiff), Greymalkin (S), Hectate (VDiff) and Piece of Cake (HVDiff). And of course the notorious jamming route The File (VS 4c). Andy followed Daniel up the route, the latter enjoyed his lead so much that he decided to climb it a second time - solo and without any undue difficulty (but how about putting your helmet on next time??!!). Andy and Daniel stayed a bit later and were making good progress up The Rat's Tail (VS 5a) when I left.

Gareth Williams

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