Wed 19th Apr, 2023

Troy Quarry

Daniel Arrowsmith

After Rory Marsden had been rained off two weeks in a row for this venue, it was time for a meet leader who had more clout with the weather gods to step up to the plate.

Fortunately, for Daniel Arrowsmith, Fergal McCullough, Lewis Stonehouse, Liam Brady, Duncan Lee it was a (seasonably) warm and bright evening sheltered from the wind at Troy Quarry.

Liam led with two seconds, Lewis and Duncan in tow, Mucky Pups, Stacked Deck, and the Siamese Twins (Left and Right).

Daniel took a more systematic approach and did the first 5 routes (according to the 2020 Wired Guide) from right to left of the Quarry. These were Stilton, Open Sesame, Little Sneak, Chicane and One Way Street.

A very good return for a couple of hours at the crag and a very enjoyable evening was had by all.

Daniel Arrowsmith

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