Wed 17th May, 2023

Windgather Rocks

Caroline Gay

Wowsers what a turnout. KMC Windgather takeover! It wasn't warm, it wasn't sunny, but that didn't stop Brian, Jess, Dave, Ed, Barry, Lewis, Dan, Mich, Andy, Andy (snap!!), Paul, Adam, Ged, Stefano, Roger, Duncan and myself making the most of the evening. And probably a few others - I'm afraid I lost count. We climbed everything from VDs to practise setting up belays to acrobatic soloing... it would probably be quicker to list the routes we didn't climb rather than all the ones we did.

Caroline Gay

Meet Promo:

It's Windgather Wednesday!

UKC says that "Windgather is one of the friendliest and most popular crags in the Peak District. The tasty grades and abundance of holds on most routes mean that most people will be able to climb something here no matter how tall, short, young, old or unfit they are." Even me!!

I'll be there from around 5pm and the weather forecast is looking dry. Parking is roadside near the crag - do lift share if possible as it can get busy.

Caroline Gay

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