Wed 12th Jul, 2023

Moved to Hobson Moor

Daniel Arrowsmith

In attendance:

Members: Andrew Stratford, Michelle Harrison, Fergal McCullough, Daniel Arrowsmith

Prospectives: Joe McArdle, Claire Hawkings, Stefano Dalcanale, Niamh Barry and Olly

Due to a damp start to the day and lower than average summer temperatures we thought better of going to the north-facing and very likely damp Wimberry Rocks, and decided to go to a local favourite, Hobson Moor Quarry instead.

By the time I arrived I found Michelle and Andy climbing Epitaph Corner (HS 4b) with Michelle applying the old maxim, “If in doubt, run it out” with her gear ceasing around the half-way mark. Andy then led Foghorn Groove (VS 4c) quite vocally whilst still looking comfortable enough. Michelle seconded The Harp (HS 4a) and found it so good that she decided to second it again with Claire Hawkins..

l led a couple routes in Drizzle (E3 6a) and Dragon’s route (E3 5c) (Yes, I’ll taking the Over the Moors guidebook grades…) with Claire giving a valiant attempt on Drizzle after warming up by racking and un-racking her (quite shiny) trad gear at least three times. Andy also came up Drizzle with some difficulty and seconded up Dragon’s route which he found to be a fair amount easier.

Elsewhere in the quarry Niamh and Olly clocked up Bring Me Sunshine (E1 5b), Crews Route (VS 4c), Foghorn Groove, and The Harp. Olly initially got somewhat lost on Bring Me Sunshine but successfully found the right line on a successful repeat attempt.

Fergal also climbed the Harp, and Ledge Way (HS 4b) with Joe McArdle seconding steadily. Fergal attempted Foghorn Groove but decided to come back for it another day. Stefano, seconded a good handful of routes with various including Foghorn Groove, The Harp and Epitaph Corner.

All in all, a very pleasant and productive few hours at Hobby Moor which still has a number of challenges left despite being my very most local crag.




Daniel Arrowsmith

Meet Promo:

Due to the recent heatwave(s) Wimbery is currently in prime condition if dry. Lots of brilliant routes to go at including Route 1, Freddies Finale, Pinball Wizard, Blasphemy and more.

Bring your long sleeve tops and jamming gloves if you're wanting a battle with an offwidth.

See you there you masochists. 



******Moved to Hobson Moor Quarry******

Daniel Arrowsmith

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