Fri 7th Jul - Sun 9th Jul, 2023

Ty Powdwr Big Routes

Colin Maddison

Although billed as 'big routes' this one is at Ty Powdwr so perfect for anyone whatever your ambitions.

In a moment a challenge in the spirit of the meet for those that want it but first a request.

- If you're planning to come please add your name to the Intend to Attend list on the website meet page or let me know. It helps to know who and how many to expect.

The choice of activity is yours but it is once again billed as 'big routes' so I will repeat the challenge from previous meets in this vein. But those that don’t fancy it are just as welcome to do their own thing.


1000ft of roped climbing, spread over at least two crags, plus at least one 3000ft summit in a day (or in less impressive sounding metric 304.8m of climbing and a 914.4m summit. Whether imperial or metric you’ll need to get your multi-pitch heads on and an early start might not be a bad idea.

The options are many so worth getting yourself a partner lined up now and to start studying the guidebooks.

Don’t want to climb? That’s fine. But if you still fancy a challenge, well how about:

    •    Scramblers could try for 2000ft (609.6m) of scrambling, plus at least two 3000ft (914.4m) summits.

    •    Walkers could try for at least four 3000ft (914.4m) summits spread across Snowdon, the Glyders and the Carnedds.

    •    Sea cliff climbers, swimmers and cyclists are also welcome but can make up your own challenges.

The prize, as ever, is personal satisfaction and the admiration of the meet leader, plus a mention in the meet report. 

Weather permitting, if you target the Saturday we can then share our tales of great deeds as we relax in the comfort of our excellent hut.

Oh course, if the weather is really good it might be a case of, “Sod that for a game of soldiers, I’m going to Cloggy!’

Whatever your preferance come along for a great weekend. For those that haven’t been before Ty Powdwr is situated near the village of Dinorwic, next to the Padarn Country Park. Map Ref: 585609, Sheet 115.

If anyone needs anymore information please email

Looking forward to seeing folk there.


Colin Maddison

Intending to Attend:
Colin Maddison
Jess Bailey
Dylan Smith
Liam Brady
Catherine Machalinski
Paul Lonsdale
Jessica Pealing
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