Wed 5th Jul, 2023

Stanage - High Neb

Andy S

Members: Andy Stratford and Fergal McCollough

Prospective member: Niamh Barry

The numerous weather forecasts obtained by the long list of potential attendees caused a debate about attending..... There was cause for both optimism and pessimism and whilst most decided to go with pessimism and headed for the indoor wall, I kept the faith and willed the rain gods to give us a break.....

After collecting Niamh from Hathersage station we arrived at a dry, breezy, midge-free High Neb. I set about a lead of Tango Buttress (HS 5a) which Niamh followed with ease. Cave Buttress Direct was next - a superb 2-star S4b with a crux start an exciting traverse and a steep exposed finish all of which required some smart ropework which Niamh led in good style. I decided on the jamming fest of Erics Eliminate S4a next and Fergal arrived and tied on. ''I  hate Jamming'' he declared at the top.... ''well why are you at Stanage with me then?''.....

Niamh had her eye on the superb 2-star Inaccessible Crack VS 4c - more jamming practice for Fergal (I reckon she did it deliberately!).... again, a confident lead, considering she doesn't own her own rack and borrowed mine!.

Just as we topped out we got a sharp shower - it was 8.15 pm, we'd managed four excellent routes, so we went home feeling the weather gamble had paid off. 


Andy Stratford

Meet Promo:

Stanage – High Neb

A summer evening on High Neb. Park at Dennis Knoll and walk straight up the track.

Classic routes from VD to E4 with some great two and three star offerings Twisting Crack / Erics Eliminate S**; Inaccessible crack VS 4c **; Norse Corner Climb HS 4c**; Tango Buttress HS 5a**; High Neb Buttress VS 4c***; Cave Buttress S 4b**. For those who like a challenge try Kellys Overhang HVS 5b *** or Quietus E2 5c*** (1954 Brown and Whillans).

There are many other brilliant routes that don’t even get a star, so many worth doing and at all grades.

I’ll be aiming to be at Tango Buttress for 4pm and hoping to climb till 9.30pm.

All welcome, click on and message on the usual WhatsApp channel if you are coming along.

If the weather is crap, then we could go later in the summer on one of the free week nights or a weekend.

Andy Stratford

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