Sun 23rd Apr, 2023

Emergency rope work for hikers and hillwalkers

Jared Kitchen

Emergency Ropework for Hikers and Hillwalkers

The summer months are approaching! To prepare, the KMC have arranged some training for its members: Emergency ropework for hikers and hillwalkers.

Emergency ropework for hikers and hillwalkers is a 1 day course in the English Lake District. The course covers the rope skills needed for self-rescue in case of emergency. It is one of the skill sets taught to mountaineering professionals and is essential knowledge for any hiker and hillwalker. As a hiker and hillwalker, it is a great skill set to attain, as it allows you to be prepare better for potential adversities, and to deal with them if they arise. The course content includes:


Emergencies and when to use the rope

Ropes, knots, carabiners, and other useful kit

Anchors and anchor selection

Belays and belaying methods

Abseil methods

Putting it together: emergency scenarios and self-rescue

Emergency procedures for assisted rescue.


The course is being held in the Lake District on Saturday 23nd April 2023 by Tinkadventures. Tinkadventures is an outdoor company owned and managed by KMC members Jared and Emily, and are accredited by the Mountain Training Association to deliver hill and mountain skills courses.  They have offered a discounted rate of £40 pp for the course, but it is only for KMC members and prospectives. You can book a place by contacting Tinkadventures, or through the KMC.

If you are interested and would like more information, or would like to book your place please contact:

Jared Kitchen

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