Sat 10th Jun, 2023

40 at Trevor

Emily Thompson

Meet Report


Jared Kitchen, Emily Thompson, Izy Sommers-smith, Greg Nunn, Tim Howarth, Laura Bond, Rob Embry, Steve Graham, Gowry Sisupalan, Roger Dyke, Dave Wylie, Mimi McNaull, Rob Clark, Christine Beeston, Lynne Williams, Michelle Harrison, Lewis Stonehouse, Colin Maddison, Craig marsden


What an epic turn out for a climbing meet in Wales! 

It was also the hottest day I’ve ever had climbing in the UK and despite the heat everyone managed to smash through the routes at Trevor. Having never been here I was impressed by the location and the epic view. 

I’m not going to pretend I managed to diligently keep a record of routes climbed by everyone, but much of the crag was lapped by all. It is fair to say though that the top spot for who scored the most points for routes climbed was hotly disputed in the pub afterwards, with Rob, Jared and Steve all having over 40 points. 

Robert and Gowry had arrived first and were already well underway with ticking off routes on Suspect Wall, when I arrived with Jared, Greg, Tim and Rob. Rob and Jared quickly jumped on lead and immediately I was sandbagged trying to second Jared on Suspect criminal 6b. 

Jared managed to tick off a nice list of routes for his birthday (Suspect criminal 6b, Under suspicion 6b, Suspect device direct 6c, Borderline 6a+, Lost control 6b, Deputy dog 4c, Long-legged lizard from Liverpool 6a). By the end of the day Rob and Jared were having a go on White smear, E4 5c in the quarry (also happily in the shade). Rob did a fine job of aiding up and clip sticking to set up a top rope, all while complaining about needing a number 2! Jared and Rob both managed to top rope before we all ran away sweating to get cold beers.

It was fabulous to see so many KMCer’s surprise Jared for his 40th and lovely to have new prospective members and returning members joining us for the day. Routes were climbed, everyone was happy and a cake was eaten. Happy birthday Jared! 


Emily Thompson

Meet Promo:

Join us for a fun day at Trevor Quarry and climb enough routes to reach a total of 40. 

8 lots of 5s, 10 lots of 4s… you get the idea.
But don’t feel like you’re missing out if your sport climbing grade is harder than that, as routes go up to 6c. So something for everyone in the club! 


Why 40 I hear you say? Well it’s Jared's 40th today so I thought we'd better go climbing, and so there will also be cake!! 

We will be there from 10 but feel free to come anytime during the day. 

Add yourself to the meet so I know how many are coming! It would be lovely to see some of our KMC friends there. 

Crag details can be found here:

If you want to join us for a few beers after and not rush home we're staying at Abbey Farm campsite so feel free to join us.

Emily Thompson

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