Sun 19th May, 2024

Ladies day at Birchen Edge

Cathy Gordon


Nils Elgar

Andy Stratford

Jess Pealing

Dave Rainsbury

Gregory Nunn

Izzy Somers-Smith

Lewis Stonehouse

Mark Rothwell

Harry Potts

Joe Flynn

Rob Clarke


Ladies Luncheon Club

Sabina Cosulich

Christine Beeston

Ann Waters

Sue Marsden

Phoebe Marsden

Philippa Maye

Mary Stuart

Cathy Devine

Lorna Marsden

Bridget Mapleson


Honorary LLC members

Colin Maddison

Craig Marsden

Jim Symon

Roger Mapleson

Jeremy Engineer

Neil Boynton


Prospective member

Tommy Harrison


It was a beautiful sunny day and the meet leader arrived on time for a pleasant change, although beaten to the crag by some early birds.  The morning was very productive before the day got hotter and many fine leads and seconds took place.  Trafalgar Crack (VD 4a) was a great route to ease a few members back into outdoor climbing, including leaders Dave Rainsbury seconded by Tommy, Christine seconded by Neil and Michelle, and Cathy seconded by Sabina.

Colin led Camperdown Crawl (HS 4c) seconded by Dave and Craig, Stoked (S 4a) and Monument Chimney (D) seconded by Mary, and Topsail (HS 4b) followed by Cathy.

Christine led Nautical Crack (VD) followed by Neil as did a few others, and Cathy led Emma’s Temptation (HVD 4c) followed by Sabina.

Andy S led Nautical Crack (VD) followed by Jess and Tommy, Stoker’s Hole (HS 4a) followed by Tommy, Phoebe and Craig.  Then followed a lead up Powder Monkey Parade (S 4b) seconded by Phoebe and then elegantly by Craig, who provided hilarious entertainment and unrepeatable expletives which were successfully caught on video and subsequently shared.

Andy also led The Promenade Direct (HVD 4a), seconded by Phoebe, Craig and Colin, Barnacle Bulge (HS 4c) seconded by Tommy and Lewis, and finally led Sail Buttress (HS 4b) seconded by Tommy, Lewis and Jess.

Lewis led Topsail (VS 4c) seconded by Andy and Tommy, and Powder Monkey Parade (S 4b).

Rob Clark and Jim paired up and between them they led Camperdown Crawl (HS 4c)  seconded by Sabina and Lewis, The  Promenade M2c, Nelson’s slab (HS 5a), Mast Gully Buttress (VS 5b), Mast Gully Crack (HS 4b), Yo Ho Crack (VD 3c) and Trafalgar Wall (S 4).

Joe Flynn led Powder Monkey Parade (S 4b) seconded by Mark Rothwell, amongst other routes.

Harry led Stoked (S 4a) seconded by Jess, and completed the following routes with Greg - Stoker’s Hole (HS 4a), Camperdown Crawl (HS 4c), Sail Buttress (HS 4b), and Trafalgar Crack (VD 4a).  Promenade Direct (HVD 4a) was also seconded by Tommy, and Cathy Devine seconded Monument Chimney Crack (VD 4a).

Bridget led Monument Chimney Crack (VD 4a) followed by Ann, and Bridget and Roger also completed Trafalgar Crack (VD 4a).

Following some hefty exercise or not, the Ladies Luncheon Club justified a sumptuous picnic complete with strawberries and fizz on checked tablecloths in true historic LLC style.  The table was adorned with honorary LLC males.

To complete the day, Sabs led Stoker’s Wall (D) followed by an array of LLC members

The day finished with the obligatory pub drink at the Robin Hood Inn.  Thank you to everyone who came out, to Sabina for suggesting a joint LLC meet, and to those who bought food, drink and crockery and tablecloths for the picnic.  It was a lovely opportunity to sit and talk, and catch up.  Apologies for those routes I didn’t capture.  A fantastic day out.

Cathy Gordon

Meet Promo:

Birchen's Edge has been my longtime favourite crag with classic climbs at all grades but particularly at the low end.  These include Emma's Dilemma, Delusion, Delight and Temptation, Nelson's Slab, Sail Butress, Topsail and Trafalgar Crack and Wall.  Sail Buttress, Topsail and Powder Monkey Parade are mentioned in Classic Rock.

Following a committee meeting, the topic of a Women's meet came up, and Birchens was identified as a suitable friendly crag.  So, if you are new to the KMC and would like to come to a meet where there will be lots of women and some men too, please come along. There will be an appearance from the KMC Ladies Luncheon Club, some of whom will hopefully be donning harnesses which haven't seen rock for a long time, I believe.

I will be at the Trafalgar Wall area at 10am.  Parking is at the National Trust Carpark at Robin Hood Inn on the A619 after Baslow and towards Chesterfield.  The cost is free for members who display their card, and £5 all day for non NT members.  Payment is made via card or cash at the machine or through PayByPhone 807042.  There is an overflow carpark, but as this gets busy at weekends, please car share if you can.  You can also access the  crag via the Gardom's Edge parking.

The Robin Hood Inn is perfect for after crag hydration.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Cathy Gordon

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