Wed 12th Aug, 2009

Wilton 3

Members and Guests: Dave Wylie, Al Metelko, Jane Atkinson, Dave Dillon, Trish Cranston, Jo and Mark Furniss, Pete Blacow, Eva Golombova and Paul.

Wilton 2, 3 and 4 are now owned by the Bolton Gun Club and the Bolton Rifle and Pistol Club. These clubs have priority over climbers on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. However, there was no sign of any armed activity in the area when the KMC arrived - no red flags, bangs, Gun Club Members or indeed any other people at all. As it was already well past 5pm when the first climbers turned up, it was pretty clear that there wouldn't be any shooting taking place. Climbing would be the only activity that the quarry would see this evening. Parallel Cracks (S, 4a, *), Rappel Wall (V-Diff, **), Slime Chimney (V-Diff, *), Crack and Slab (Diff, **), The Groove (V-Diff, *), Forked Cracks (VS, 4b, *) and Central Crack (HVS, 5a, ***) all succumbed to the molestations of the KMC. The weather stayed fine and dry for the evening, despite some fairly cloudy periods. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even when "easy" routes on real rock proved to be a lot trickier than the "6a" routes that some people were used to on indoor walls (For Eva, it was only her second time climbing outdoors!). Climbing continued until about 9:30pm, when the light began to run short. The pub was Bob's Smithy, where the wallpaper gave some cause for comment. The choice of the crag for next time was heavily influenced by the two people present who will be away in the Alps for the following two weeks. As they'd attended the previous evening meet at that venue this year, we can only assume that this was a positive recommendation!

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