Wed 30th Mar, 2016

Hobson Moor Quarry

Members: Gary Thornhill, Dave Wylie, James Meakin, Ben Slater, Gareth Williams, Dan O’Brien

Guests: Gowry Sisupalan, George Williams, James Hall

Fantastic turnout for the first outdoor Wednesday of summer 2016 – even the Sun put in an appearance!

Gary and Ben arrived early and set about working the Back-Wall Traverse (V4) finding most of the crux sections still dripping from rain the day before.  The rest of the crag was in pretty good nick however so the team set about ticking some of the local classics.  Gareth led Foghorn Groove and James H led The Harp (VS) followed by Ben.  The route is still on Dave Wylie’s banned list until the loose block at the top finally falls off!  Dave, belayed by Ben and followed by Gowry, climbed Epitaph Corner (VS) which he claimed would be the high point of his climbing season (he later proved this wrong by ably following Gareth up the HVS finger crack of Parker’s Eliminate).  James H Led Gideon (VS – though HVS in the old Kinder Guide and it hasn’t got easier!) followed by George and Ben.  Dan, James M and Gary teamed up for Parker’s Eliminate, Crew’s Route (VS) and Gideon.  A more detailed description of this portion of the evening can’t be printed due to it’s X-Rated content (courtesy of James!) 

As the sun set, the temperature plummeted and the team retreated to the Wagon & Horses.  James and George both collected signatures for Associate Membership so hopefully they will be joining soon!  After Anglezarke was eliminated in round one with only a single vote, a run off between Windgather and Wilton was won by the bolton Quarry after a tactical switch from James M so it’s quarried gritstone again next week.

Daniel O'Brien

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