Sun 12th May, 2019

75 Routes for the 75th

Tim Howarth

Daniel O'Brien

Join the KMC at Stanage Edge for a marathon meet.  To celebrate the KMC’s rich history on the eastern gritstone edges of the Peak District over the last 75 years we will be attempting to climb 75 routes in a day.  Starting at the Popular End of Stanage, the plan is to meet around 0900 at the Popular End Car Park and then wander up to the first few routes on the right-hand end of the crag and work our way leftwards.  There are 700 routes at the Popular End including (coincidentally) 75 routes below Severe so this is definitely a meet for all abilities!  I’d recommend climbing in pairs and having (some sort of) a plan but people are obviously welcome to come along for the social/heckle (delete as appropriate).  If there is any time left then we will be heading to the pub after climbing for some refreshments.

Finally, as all things are improved with statistics, there will be some prizes* available in the following categories:

  • Team Bronze Level: 75 routes done, in total, between all attendees
  • Team Silver Level: 75 stars collected, in total, between all attendees
  • Team Gold Level: 75 different routes done, in total, between all attendees


  • Individual Bronze: 75 stars collected by an individual.
  • Individual Silver: 75 different routes done by an individual.
  • Individual Gold: 75 E-points done by an individual.


  • Bonus points for the number of different first ascent years.
  • Bonus points for routes first ascended in the following years 1944, 1954, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004 and 2014!

We will also be calculating the number of KMC years ascending each route.

Hope to see a good turnout!

Dan and Tim


Daniel O'Brien

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James Meakin
Chris Kastavunis
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