Fri 19th Jul - Sun 21st Jul, 2019

Buttermere Bathing Meet

Virginia Castick

Once again we have organised a spectacular swimming meet involving swims in up to 5 Tarns and 2 lakes in two days. Accommodation is booked at the FRCC hut at Birkness for 5 Females and 10 males.  Let me know if you definitely want a space but I’m sure there will be room if you decide to come at the last minute when the weather forecast is more predictable. There is a good campsite at Buttermere village too.

The main plan is to walk from the hut to Red Tarn under Red Pike then walk along the ridge to Scarth Gap to the 3 tarns around Haystacks. There is a tiny one just under the summit followed by Innominate Tarn (yes it is deep enough) and Blackbeck Tarn. For those not exhausted a swim in Buttermere on the way back seems a good option.

The following day a swim in the delightful Dale Head Tarn followed by Derwentwater on the way home could be fun.

For those contemplating their first outdoor swimming adventure you will need footwear to swim in plus cossie and any extra rubberware  you might require depending on the temperature. A warm jacket, woolly hat and a hot drink afterwards make the whole process slightly less painful. Non swimmers are welcome on the meet but will be required to take photos and generally heckle from the side.

Virginia Castick

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