Wed 17th Jul, 2019

Stanage Edge

Jared Kitchen

Emily Pitts

Andy Stratford

Daniel O'Brien

Members: Jared Kitchen, Andrew Stratford, James Meakin, Dan O'Brien

Prospectives: Joseph Markus, Inan Middlehurst

Possibly present but can't be sure: Adam McCudden and Ged


Well, all seemed good on the eastern front until standing at the bottom of the crag. It was then that a few drops of rain fell. Undetered Jared finished racking up and set of up Paradise Arete. 'Met office only gave it 50% chance of rain' he thought. It was indeed rain he felt, not heavy, but continuous and soon the crag was dripping. Luckily Paradise Arete is also dripping with bomber gear and Jared summited despite dripping a bit too. Below, Joe tied in for a go. Andy, however; felt a bit flat about the dampness and pottered off with Dan, James and Inan to talk about their misadventures and wet wives. Joe Bravely climbed upwards, only slipping once, and topped out with style. When they returned to the bottom it was obvious the rain was well set in. Jared's suggestion to down grade to VDiffs and tot up a mighty send list was swiftly swept aside; the decision was made. It was a wash out. Time to go home....See you next week guys. 

Jared Kitchen

Meet Promo:

Every climber will one day have a love affair with Stanage. It's like a teenage crush, only Stanage doesn't get old. It's beautiful in every generation. A near continuous 4 km length of natural gritstone that reaches nearly 25m in places. I don't think its possible for a climber to run out of routes here, and there is no equal, anywhere else on Grit. The routes are everywhere, quality at every grade, and did I say there was bouldering? Well there is; loads of it!


The club has been here this year already. Once to Popular end, and once to High Neb. This evening we will be going to Plantation. Details are found here:


Plantation has it own carpark that does cost money. There is limited roadside parking but please be considerate, and remember that the parking fee helps to conserve the North Lees estate for everyone. Please also be careful with your belongings. Plantation is a popular place and the crooks know that. 6pm is a safe bet for arriving but it is common for many to arrive earlier. Please keep an eye on scribble for updates and check the promo before you come out. Last thing, midsummer means the midge risk is high. Please bring your bug spray. See you all at the crag guys.

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