Sat 27th Jul, 2019

Peak District Rock Climbing

Nils Elgar

Members present:  Roger Dyke, Nils Elgar, Oi Ding Koy, David Rainsbury, Dave Shotton, Gowry Sisupalan, Dave Wylie.

Prospective Member:  Brian Tarnowski


The original meet scheduled for Saturday 27 July was postponed a week due to some dreadful weather that has impacted the Great British summer.  A good thing too as the actual meet took place in excellent conditions:  bright, but with some cloud cover, the slightest of breezes and (best of all) no midges.

Climbing teams changed slightly during the day as individuals arrived and left.  Routes ascended included:

  • Trafalgar Wall (S 4b) – Nils led; Ding and Roger seconded.
  • Barnacle Bulge (HS 4c) – David led.  The initial crack proved too difficult so this was surmounted by using the groove to the left.  Dave (W) seconded.  He found both these options a bit tough for a first up climb and so effectively seconded Trafalgar Crack (VD 4a) instead;
  • Stoker's Wall (Diff) – Dave (S) led; Ding seconded;
  • Nautical Crack (V Diff) – (this was well worked over!)  Ding led this after Dave (S) backed off and subsequently seconded.  Brian led; Nils seconded.  Gowry then led and Nils seconded (again).  David led; Dave (W) seconded;
  • Yo-Ho Crack (VDiff) – Dave (W) led; David seconded.  Brian led; Gowry seconded;
  • Rum Wall (V Diff) – Dave (S) led; Brian and Ding seconded;
  • Sailor’s Problem (V Diff) – David led; Dave (W) seconded;
  • Stoker’s Hole (VS 4b) – Nils led; Gowry and Roger seconded;
  • Topsail (VS 4c) – Dave (S) led; Brian had a go but was stopped at the overhang.  Ding completed;
  • Sail Buttress (HS 4b) – Gowry led; Nils and Ding seconded;
  • Porthole Direct (VS 4b) – Nils led; Ding and Gowry seconded;
  • Emma’s Dilemma (S 4a) – David led; Dave (W) seconded;
  • Emma’s Temptation (HVD 4c) – Dave (W) led; David seconded.  Gowry led; Roger seconded.

The team were most impressed with Brian’s lead of Nautical Crack as a first lead – in hindsight not the best one to have suggested!

The surprisingly long day ended with some excellent refreshments at the Robin Hood Pub (thanks Roger).

Nils Elgar

Meet Promo:

Birchen Edge, Saturday 27 July



This is a rock climbing meet to Birchen Edge, on the eastern side of the Peak District.  It is targeted for Saturday 27 July but will be moved to Sunday 28 July if the weather is clearly better for that day.

The rock is gritstone and the venue is highly popular due to the high number of excellent quality low grade routes, thus making this meet ideal for the beginner climber.  Details of the crag can be found at:

Newcomers are welcome but are asked to register first:

Access:  Parking is in the National Trust car park, next to the Robin Hood pub (which undoubtedly become handy later in the day).  From the carpark walk up the road (away from the pub) a short distance to a track that shortly leads to a gate.  From there a well formed sandy track leads up to the crag.

For those who like maps:  OL16, The Peak District (White Peak).  The grid reference for the carpark is SK 281721.

I aim to be at the crag by 10.00am and will be at the Trafalgar Wall in the first instance.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact me: or 07903 399-129.

I will update this notice and post a scribble a few days days before the meet to confirm the actual day.

I hope to see you at the crag!

Nils Elgar

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