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President's Hot Pot and Photo Competition

Andy Stratford

Photo Competition 2018 results

Judged by Emily Pitts, KMC Vice President

Rock Action

Winner – Dave Wylie - Shaun soloing Giltar Slab Route, Pembroke

Second Place – Paul Evans - Gareth Williams on the finishing chains at Kyrie Elaison, Thors Cave

Third Place – Sean Kelly - Seb on Planet Ride, E1 5b, Daddyhole Upper Cliff, Torquay

Highly commended - Dave Wylie - Fiona Dixon seconding Capstan’s Arete, Beaufort Buttress

Highly Commended – Sean Kelly - Chris Ebbutt on Maximagur, HVS 5b, HeltorRock


Mountain Landscape

Winner - Dave Wylie – Sunset from Fidden Farm Campsite

Second Place – Emily Thompson – Am Bodach

Third Place – Sean Kelly – Slighachan View

Highly Commended – Colin Maddison – Valle Rio de las Vueltas, Patagonia

Highly Commended – Duncan Lee – Fitzroy Massif, Patagonia


Mountain Action

Winner – Sean Kelly – Nearing Helvellyn summit

Second Place – Andy Stratford - Jim Symon enjoys Scottish conditions on The White Line (IV,4), Ben Nevis

Third Place – Stuart Hurworth – Craig Marsden on The Curtain (IV,4), Ben Nevis

Highly Commended – Andy Stratford – Stuart Hurworth soloing Col Gully, Glyderau

Highly Commended – Emily Thompson – George Williams, Striding Edge

Highly Commended – Andy Stratford – Jared Kitchen enjoying the ice on North Gully (III), Lurchers Crag


Human Interest

Winner - Andy Stratford - The Straddle and Dip technique perfected by Jim Symon

Second Place – Colin Maddison -   Guanaco Fingerer!

Third Place - Stuart Hurworth - Dr Mary Stuart applies a first class triangular bandage....

Highly Commended - Midge Castick - John having a hard day in the hill

Highly Commended - Dave Wylie - Ding goes for a bike ride

Highly Commended – Dave Dillon – Bryn y da


Andy Stratford

Attending: Joe Dugdale, Margaret Baldock, John Castick, Midge Castick, Roger Dyke, Kate Harvey, Dave Wylie.

We met in the Longshaw Estate car park – (National Trust for reference) and once we had rounded
up people who were at Fox House up the road we set off through the Estate to cross the Hathersage
road and ascend the path through fairly dry heather moorland towards Burbage edge and rocks –
where we stopped for an early brew stop and a chat with the climbing group, Andy belaying &
feeling the cold wind perhaps more than us as we had warmed up by then. After this pleasant
interlude, and as we had cooled down, we set off for Higger Tor and the descent to Carl Wark, where
we attempted a massed assault on its northern defences (see photo by John). The weather was
deteriorating somewhat as we made our way to the head of Padley Gorge, and it rained properly
while we had lunch – but it was a lovely spot and we were hungry ( except Dave) and so ate on and
were rewarded with a visit from a duck, (it had its eye on a piece of cake Roger had temporarily

The walk then follows the gorge to descend through the woods and emerge on the lane – left here
to Grindleford Station café for a cup of tea and a chance to use the loos. The rain had stopped by

Steps on the left took us up to the road and across it to climb a steep path heading north and an
uncertain network of paths back to the Longshaw estate car park – getting there at 4pm as planned.

Joe Dugdale

Meet Promo:

Meet Promo

On Sunday 15th April 2018, the annual President’s Hot Pot and Photographic Competition will once again be held at the Globe in Glossop.

The deadline for all entries is midnight on Wednesday 4th April. Late entries will not be accepted. Early entries are greatly appreciated.

Climbing Meet and Walking Meet

During the day Dan O’Brien will be leading a climbing meet at Burbage North. If bouldering is your thing there is plenty of that as well as the trad classics. Meet around Knight's Move Buttress anytime from 10.30am (or earlier if you fancy). Aim to leave the crag by 5 pm latest to get back to the Globe for a pint before the food is served.

Joe Dugdale will lead a walking meet in the Burbage area.  The walk is around 11 miles, taking in Burbage rocks, Higger tor, Carl Wark, and Longshaw estate /Padley Gorge. It’s a figure of 8 route so can be cut short easily. Start at the Fox House public car park at 10.30.

Photographic Competition - Deadline for entries is Wednesday, April 4th at midnight.

The competition will be for photographs in digital format.  All photographs must have been taken in the last twelve months.  The usual four categories will apply:
• Mountain Action
• Mountain Landscape
• Rock Action
• Human Interest/Digital Fun

Please send your entries to  I’ll accept up to three entries per person per category.  Please give details of which category each photo is being entered for and the subject matter. It will help greatly if you can change the filename so it is in the format CATEGORY – YOUR NAME – PHOTO TITLE

There is NO RESTRICTION on file size for photographs!! Please do not worry about reducing the photo sizes.


We also have a motion picture category for all you budding directors out there.

Entries should be less than two minutes in length and should be playable on VLC media player (  Due to size, these need to be uploaded to a dropbox.  Follow and please try to limit the file size to 500MB.

 Please note that due to personal commitments the judging will be taking place on the 5th April, therefore, the deadline of midnight on Wednesday 4th is immovable! Please do not leave it until the last minute to sort your entries!


The Hot Pot and slide show from 7 pm - meet at the Globe anytime from 5.30pm.
The Globe will be serving the usual veggie hotpot followed by apple pie and custard. The meal will start at 7.00pm sharp and be followed by the photographic competition slide show.  Cost is £6.00 per head.  Please book with Dan O'Brien direct no later than Wednesday 4th April by emailing

For those that haven’t been before the Globe is on High Street West in Glossop; see map at,-1.95657

Andy Stratford

Andy Stratford

the walkers - Presidents Hot pot (Joe Dugdale)
the walkers with meet leader President's Hot pot 2018 (Joe Dugdale)

Rock Action
Winner - Shaun soloing Giltar Slab Route (Dave Wylie)
Second Place - Gareth Williams at the  finishing chain on Kyrie Elaison, Thors Cave (Paul Evans)
Third Place - Seb on Planet Ride, E1 5b, Daddyhole Upper Cliff (Sean Kelly)
Highly comended - Fiona seconding Capstans Arete on Beaufort Buttress (Dave Wylie)
Highly Commended - Rebecca Ting belayed by  Gareth Williams on pitch 2 of Delicatessen, High Tor (Paul Evans)
Highly Commended Chris Ebbutt on Maximagur HVS5b HeltorRock (Sean Kelly)

Mountain Landscape
Winner - Sunset from Fidden Farm campsite (Dave Wylie)
Second Place - Am Bodach (Emily Thompson)
Third Place - Slighachan view (Sean Kelly)
Highly Commended - Valle Rio de las Vueltas, Patagonia (Colin Maddison)
Highly Commended - Fitzroy Massif in Patagonia (Duncan Lee)

Mountain Action
 Winner - Nearing Helvellyn summit (Sean Kelly)
Second Place - Jim Symon enjoys Scottish conditions on The White Line, IV 4, Ben Nevis (Andy Stratford)
Third Place - Craig Marsden on the Curtain IV,4, Ben Nevis (Stuart Hurworth)
Highly Commended - Stuart Hurworth soloing Col Gully, Glyderau (Andy Stratford)
Highly Commended - George Williams, Striding Edge (Emily Thompson)
Highly Commended - Jared Kitchen enjoying the ice on North Gully, III,  Lurchers (Andy Stratford)

Human Interest
Winner - The straddle and dip technique perfected by Jim Symon (Andy Stratford)
Second Place - Guanaco Fingerer! (Colin Maddison)
Third Place - Dr Mary Stuart fits a triangular bandage (Stuart Hurworth)
Highly Commended - John having a hard day in the hills (Virginia Castick)
Highly Commended Ding goes for a bike ride (Dave Wylie)
Highly Commended - Brnnhawn Da (Dave Dillon)

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