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The KMC produces six newsletters per year. Typical contents include meet promotions, post meet reports, membership updates and miscellaneous articles contributed by members. This page contains some of these articles.

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Forthcoming Meets

Bonfire Night - Ty Powdwr
Fri 1st Nov - Sun 3rd Nov 2019 (2 nights)
Kendal Mountain Film Festival
Fri 15th Nov - Sun 17th Nov 2019 (2 nights)
Up Hill, Down Dale
Sun 1st Dec 2019
Christmas Bash - Ty Powdwr
Fri 6th Dec - Sun 8th Dec 2019 (2 nights)
Sun 22nd Dec 2019
Sun 29th Dec 2019
White goods: Drytooling
Sat 4th Jan 2020

Advanced Notice Meets

Karn House: Aviemore
Thu 16th Jan - Sun 19th Jan 2020 (3 nights)
The Famous KMC Burns Night
Fri 24th Jan - Sun 26th Jan 2020 (2 nights)
Cogne: Valle d'Aosta
Sat 8th Feb - Sun 16th Feb 2020 (8 nights)
CIC Hut: Ben Nevis
Thu 19th Mar - Sun 22nd Mar 2020 (3 nights)
Fri 10th Apr - Mon 13th Apr 2020 (3 nights)
Joint KMC-FRCC Hut2Hut meet
Fri 29th May - Sun 31st May 2020 (2 nights)

Meet Reports

Peak District Trek Day
Sat 16th Feb 2019
Fell Race Weekender
Fri 27th Sep - Sun 29th Sep 2019 (2 nights)
Working meet - KMC movie night
Fri 4th Oct - Sun 6th Oct 2019 (2 nights)
Bowland Walk
Sat 12th Oct 2019
Bonfire Night - Ty Powdwr
Fri 1st Nov - Sun 3rd Nov 2019 (2 nights)

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