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Ravensdale - April 2001

One of the few climbing venues still open in the Peak District. Cold at the crag, but the Meet Leader arranged things so that it did not actually rain until the KMC were in the pub.

Mike and Joe made a prompt 11.00 start on Medusa
Duncan zipped up Gymnic
To the admiration of a cold spectator gallery
Followed by Sheena, sporting her hat with the special peak for climbing overhangs
To be lowered off by a passing Eskimo
Duncan cleared the spectator gallery by climbing the crack and loose blocks above it
Followed again by Sheena
While Mike checked the progress of the replacement ash on Ash Crack
And the answer to Joe's Pub Quiz Question is that the pretty little pink flower is Butterbur [Petasites Hybridus] and is indeed responsible for the metre-wide rhubarb leaves later in the year.
Roger and Neville decided they would walk to Litton Mill

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