Picture Gallery.

Alice inspects the tricky start of Tower Face
Awkward move to start...
Foot up high...
Reach for the handhold...
Joe clarifies a key point of the story
Rain fails to dampen spirits in the cave
Looking out at the rain
Emily tiling in the ladies shower
Dave W & Emily happily tiling the ladies' shower
Andy in the underworld (plumbing in dehumidifier overflow pipe)
Holyhead Mountain sunset
Llyn Idwal panorama
Contented cow contemplating Cwm Idwal
Lester & Kate at the foot of Idwal Staircase
Dave S & Kate on Idwal Staircase
Lester on the shoulder of Seniors Ridge above Idwal Slabs
Dave D and Phil on Long Climb
Jim muscling up Little Crowberry
The popular corner.... Tower Face on the right
The wet end
The approach - '... and then you turn right.'.
Duncan powers up Tower Face..
... and there was tea and cake.
Duncan chases Phil up Long Climb,
Jim on Little Crowberry,
Alice - kung fu climbing.
All good on Staircase despite the rain!
Duncan fiddles something into a crack on Pillar Cracks.
Dave shoes off his crop top.
The rain sweeps in.
Life is good in ther cave.
Just a little wet!
Inspiration for the following day's climbing - Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards with Dave S at Eddie's talk in Sale on Friday evening
Roger leads the way to the start of Oberon
Roger at the top of Hail Bebe
Ben leading the top pitch of Poor Man's Peuterey
Stuart on Poor Man's Peuterey
Ben leading the hand traverse on Creagh Dhu Wall
Stuart setting off up Hail Bebe
Jack on Hail Bebe
Caro C. seconding "Flake Quake"
Dakotah seconding "Giltar Slab Route"
Shaun soloing "Giltar Slab Route"
Andy leading "Giltar Slab Route"
Shaun soloing "Wander Slab"
John and Fiona soloing "Giltar Groove"
Lucie seconding "Zawn Corner"
Fiona leading "Sea Mist"
Clay leading "Nameless Wall"
Dakotah seconding "Sea Mist"
John seconding "Sea Mist"
Caro C leading High Buttress Arête
Caro C leading High Buttress Arête
Dave Wylie on North Buttress Arete
Duncan leading Portfolio
Nils leading Portfolio
Nils at the top of Portfolio
End of a successful day
Checking the map

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