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Castle Naze

Wed 27th Sep, 2023

All welcome. Evening meets start around 6pm. Please bring midge repellant/net and suntan cream. Manchester sunset is approximately 19:03, twilight to around 19:38. Please keep an eye on Scribble for wet weather options.


Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 20th Sep, 2023

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New Mills Torrs

Wed 13th Sep, 2023

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Alderman rocks

Wed 6th Sep, 2023

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Cow's Mouth Quarry, Littleborough

Wed 30th Aug, 2023

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Pule Hill, Marsden

Wed 23rd Aug, 2023

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Stanage Popular End

Wed 16th Aug, 2023

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ROB'S ROCKS was witches Quarry

Wed 9th Aug, 2023

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Wed 2nd Aug, 2023

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Anglezark Quarry

Wed 26th Jul, 2023

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Wed 19th Jul, 2023

Attendees: Jess Bailey, Sean Clancy, Ryan Gregory, Mich Harrison, Jess Pealing, Joe Mcardle, Fergal McCullough, Andy Stratford, Lewis Stonehouse. Special guest appearance: Dan O’Brian


A long a great sunny evening, blessed with a break in the rainy season, which we, for tradition, still call ‘Summer’.

Andy and me were first at arrive and started off with a lead for me on Bamford Wall (S 4a), followed by Andy, who then led Ryan, on his first ever UK single pitch, and then me on the Happy Wanderer (S4a). Ryan seemed to find the wander happy and was keen for more! He certainly had a value for money first gritstone experience by the end of the evening, ticking 6 quality routes.

Heading over to Wrinkled wall, we were joined by Lewis and Fergal. Lewis did a great job of following me very carefully on the delicate low traverse across Wrinkled Wall (VS 4c), while Ryan had a go at belaying Andy up Sinuous Crack (Vdiff) which both he and Fregal seconded. Having expired easy local options, we headed to Salmon slab. As we made our way over, Dan magically appeared, looking to give soloing a miss for the evening and tie onto a rope.

Dan made a beeline to Bilberry Crack, taking Andy and Rayan up afterwards. The rest of the party arrived in fine spirits for a good evening session. Lewis thought he’d give Hasta La Vista (HVD 3c) a go – despite the ‘not much gear’ description. Finding the description a little too accurate, he bailed part way. Fergal was keen to see what all the fun was about, but also decided to bail at about the same place as Lewis. It took Jess B to show everyone how it was done! Jess P followed her up, making team ‘double Jesspardy’ a winner! (Andy’s winning team name contribution). Feeling brave, I had a go at Quien Sabe? (VS 4c) taking the low crux of Brown’s Crack, then a second high crux, I regretted my decision as I realised I’d have to try hard. With Dan calling over useful baffle beating beta and Andy’s shouts of ‘reach and pull’ echoing in my ears, I eventually managed, with a few grunts, the pull over the bulge and top out. Having arrived quite late, Sean was keen to give it a go and in Dan A’s absence, Jess B felt she needed a challenge, so, after finishing bringing Jess P up Shallow Groove, (with her grunts of effort echoing up the groove) Jess also got a rope on it and made light work of it. Apparently not quite hard enough when you're usually following up after Dan A.

After having fun on Hasta La Vista, Fergal and Joe found more protectable climbing on Shallow Groove (S 4a) and Recess Crack (Vdiff)

Dan, Andy and Ryan had been having fun on Sandy Crack (HS 4b) and Curving Crack (VS 4c). Dan wanted to finish on Bamford Rib (HVS 5a) so off they went, while Sean shunted gear up Brown’s Crack, having left his useful larger cams on the ground. I seconded up and as dusk fell, we called it a fine evening and went to the pub.


Thanks all for a great evening!

Moved to Hobson Moor

Wed 12th Jul, 2023

In attendance:

Members: Andrew Stratford, Michelle Harrison, Fergal McCullough, Daniel Arrowsmith

Prospectives: Joe McArdle, Claire Hawkings, Stefano Dalcanale, Niamh Barry and Olly

Due to a damp start to the day and lower than average summer temperatures we thought better of going to the north-facing and very likely damp Wimberry Rocks, and decided to go to a local favourite, Hobson Moor Quarry instead.

By the time I arrived I found Michelle and Andy climbing Epitaph Corner (HS 4b) with Michelle applying the old maxim, “If in doubt, run it out” with her gear ceasing around the half-way mark. Andy then led Foghorn Groove (VS 4c) quite vocally whilst still looking comfortable enough. Michelle seconded The Harp (HS 4a) and found it so good that she decided to second it again with Claire Hawkins..

l led a couple routes in Drizzle (E3 6a) and Dragon’s route (E3 5c) (Yes, I’ll taking the Over the Moors guidebook grades…) with Claire giving a valiant attempt on Drizzle after warming up by racking and un-racking her (quite shiny) trad gear at least three times. Andy also came up Drizzle with some difficulty and seconded up Dragon’s route which he found to be a fair amount easier.

Elsewhere in the quarry Niamh and Olly clocked up Bring Me Sunshine (E1 5b), Crews Route (VS 4c), Foghorn Groove, and The Harp. Olly initially got somewhat lost on Bring Me Sunshine but successfully found the right line on a successful repeat attempt.

Fergal also climbed the Harp, and Ledge Way (HS 4b) with Joe McArdle seconding steadily. Fergal attempted Foghorn Groove but decided to come back for it another day. Stefano, seconded a good handful of routes with various including Foghorn Groove, The Harp and Epitaph Corner.

All in all, a very pleasant and productive few hours at Hobby Moor which still has a number of challenges left despite being my very most local crag.




Daniel Arrowsmith

Stanage - High Neb

Wed 5th Jul, 2023

Members: Andy Stratford and Fergal McCollough

Prospective member: Niamh Barry

The numerous weather forecasts obtained by the long list of potential attendees caused a debate about attending..... There was cause for both optimism and pessimism and whilst most decided to go with pessimism and headed for the indoor wall, I kept the faith and willed the rain gods to give us a break.....

After collecting Niamh from Hathersage station we arrived at a dry, breezy, midge-free High Neb. I set about a lead of Tango Buttress (HS 5a) which Niamh followed with ease. Cave Buttress Direct was next - a superb 2-star S4b with a crux start an exciting traverse and a steep exposed finish all of which required some smart ropework which Niamh led in good style. I decided on the jamming fest of Erics Eliminate S4a next and Fergal arrived and tied on. ''I  hate Jamming'' he declared at the top.... ''well why are you at Stanage with me then?''.....

Niamh had her eye on the superb 2-star Inaccessible Crack VS 4c - more jamming practice for Fergal (I reckon she did it deliberately!).... again, a confident lead, considering she doesn't own her own rack and borrowed mine!.

Just as we topped out we got a sharp shower - it was 8.15 pm, we'd managed four excellent routes, so we went home feeling the weather gamble had paid off. 


Andy Stratford

Robs Rocks

Wed 28th Jun, 2023

(No Reports)


Wed 21st Jun, 2023

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Running Hill Pits, Saddleworth

Wed 14th Jun, 2023

Running Hill Pits - 14 June 2023

Attendees: Jess Bailey, Yvonne King, Robert Clark, Fergal McCullough, Daniel Arrowsmith and Phil.

By the time I had arrived Robert had already completed the classic ‘Dead Dog Crack’ (VS 4c) which Fergal was just about done wrestling with. The next contender Jess then followed to retrieve the remainder of Robert’s gear and practice her jamming.

Robert then superbly waltzed (lead) up Sodom (E1 5c) with me in tow and not particularly pleased at how easy Robert made it look for a route he once seconded around 10 years before! Robert would then go on to lead Cave Crack and take a gander at Breakdown (HVS 5c) but decided the better of it.

Yvonne arrived later after a fight with a barbed wire fence (she lost) and traipsing around the quarries (my superb direction arrived approximately the day after). However, her tardiness and mildly amputated leg did not stop her seconding Phil on Dead Dog Crack and The Cracks (Severe) then leading Hazy Groove (VD). Despite pretending to be a caver, Yvonne could not figure out how to squirm up Cave Crack. Maybe next time Yvonne!

Jess later coolly led Hazy Groove and The Cracks whilst seconding Fergal on Dusty Arete (Diff). I say coolly as she was determined to wear her ‘on point’ shades all day, apparently it being sunny is an excuse these days. So rad.

I’d rather not talk about what I did or didn’t(!) do but some climbing was done by me too.


Daniel Arrowsmith

If you are considering coming along to a club meet, please read the following:-

Participation Statement

"I accept that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a risk of personal injury or death. I am aware of and shall accept these risks and wish to participate in these activities voluntarily and shall be responsible for my own actions and involvement."

During the spring and summer months evening meets are held outdoors at local crags, usually on Wednesdays, weather permitting. Keep an eye on the scribbles for the latest information. Indoor climbing wall meets start again in the autumn.

Some lucky people may be able to get out climbing nice and early, but this will vary depending on work hours and the traveling distance. Generally you should find KMC climbers at the crag by 6pm and some might still be there after its gone dark.

If you have any questions about coming along to a meet, or if you want to try and arrange car sharing, etc., then just send us an e-mail. For the latest information check the Scribble pages.

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Blackstone Edge (5)
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Cadshaw Rocks (6)
Castle Naze (21)
Coire an t'Sneachda (1)
Cow's Mouth Quarry, Littleborough (15)
Deeply Vale (3)
Den Lane, Uppermill (13)
Denham Quarry (8)
Dovestones Edge, Chew Valley (16)
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Egerton Quarry (4)
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Helsby (14)
Hen Cloud (2)
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Hobson Moor Quarry (43)
Hollywood Park Boulder (2)
Horseshoe Quarry (5)
John Wayne Memorial Crag (1)
Kinder Downfall (2)
Lester Mill Quarry (2)
Longford Park Boulder (3)
Millstone Edge (6)
Misty Wall, Kinder Northern Edge (1)
Moving Buttress, Cheedale (1)
New Mills Torrs (12)
Pex Hill (5)
Pot Hole Quarry (2)
Pots and Pans Quarries (2)
Pule Hill, Marsden (16)
Ramshaw Rocks (8)
Ravensdale (1)
Ravenstones - Chew Valley (1)
Reddyshore Scout (2)
Roaches Lower Tier (1)
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Robs Rocks - Chew Valley (8)
Rough Knarr (1)
Running Hill Pits, Saddleworth (18)
Shining Clough Rocks (5)
Staden Quarry (6)
Stanage North (2)
Stanage Plantation (1)
Stanage Popular End (2)
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Swinton Boulders (1)
Tegg's Nose (2)
The Pump House (1)
Thors Cave (1)
Tintwistle Knarr (2)
Tissington Spires in Dovedale (1)
Tonacliffe Quarry (2)
Troy Quarry (31)
Victoria Park Boulder, Stretford (2)
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Wilton 1 (18)
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Manchester Climbing Centre (118)
Marple Rope Race (3)
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Stockport Awesome Walls (158)
The Depot: Manchester (45)
Warrington North Face (3)

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