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Awesome Walls - Stockport

Wed 23rd Oct, 2019

All welcome. Evening meets start around 6pm. Please bring a head torch and thermals. Manchester sunset is approximately 18:01, twilight to around 18:36. Please keep an eye on Scribble for wet weather options.


Manchester Climbing Centre

Wed 16th Oct, 2019

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Awesome Walls - Stockport

Wed 9th Oct, 2019

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Rope Race - Marple

Wed 2nd Oct, 2019

Good attendance, with members: Adam McCudden, Ged Farmer introducing prospective: Paul Lonsdale to the esoteric world of Drytooling, in the Tool Room and on some of Rope-Race's Ice-Axe-Friendly routes. Meanwhile Gowry Sisupalan was joined for 'normal climbing' by propectives: Steve Lopaki, Domonic Redford, friend Andy Chatteron an a couple whose names I didn't catch.

Adam McCudden

Den Lane Quarry

Wed 25th Sep, 2019

(No Reports)

Wilton 1

Wed 18th Sep, 2019

(No Reports)

Running Hill Pits

Wed 11th Sep, 2019

Wash out again! Ah well. The weeknd will be nice...

Jared Kitchen

Standing Stones

Wed 4th Sep, 2019

There was rain. Lots. Nobody went to Standing Stones, but Emily P went and ran the KMC trial challenge route 4 instead. Needless to say she got very wet., but she succeeded in good form. Great effort!

Running Hill Pits next week. See you all there... 

Jared Kitchen

Alderman Rocks

Wed 28th Aug, 2019

(No Reports)

Anglezarke Quarry

Wed 21st Aug, 2019

(No Reports)

Harper Hill

Wed 14th Aug, 2019

(No Reports)

Dovestones Edge

Wed 7th Aug, 2019

Rain. Mother nature should take up climbing. No empathy from her tonight...

Jared Kitchen

Robs Rocks

Wed 31st Jul, 2019

Rain is awesome...unless you want to go climbing, or live in Whalley Bridge!! So much rain fell on Wednesday evening that Todbrook reservoir overflowed and cracked, creating a fairly serious issue for the Whalley community! The KMC midweekers were scattered this evening. Some went to Rockover, some to MCC, some did some other things. I made a nice cheese and onion pie and had it with chips. It was good... 

Dovestones next week! Lets hope for nicer weather. See you all there guys. 

Jared Kitchen

Anniversary Garden Party

Thu 25th Jul, 2019

Report by: Michelle Harvie and Mark Garrod

Attendees: Rob Allen, Dave Wylie, Jim Symon, Philippa Symon, Michelle Harvie, Kate Harvey, Mark Garrod, Joe Dugdale, Christine Beeston, Maggie Baldock, Dave Shotton, Alan Barber, Janis Barber, Alan (L) Jones, Jeremy Engineer, Cathy Devine, Roisin Maddison, Colin Maddison, Mary Stuart, Oi Ding Koy, Iain McCallum, Linda Crossley, Mark Ashley, Lorna Marsland, David, Jo Stratford, Andy Stratford (27)

Thanks to Michelle’s boss Tony who lent us a large gazebo at short notice once we had seen the forecast – it kept 4 sharp showers from dampening the evening’s socialising. Thanks also to everyone who came along and made the summer garden party a success, and for bringing enough food along to feed everyone easily, and amazingly, with a nicely varied spread.

Our collection raised £101.05 for St Ann’s Hospice.   

We now have to decide when the next one is – maybe in 2 years?

Mark & Michelle

Mark Garrod

Millstone Edge

Wed 24th Jul, 2019

Members: Cathy Gordon, Gowry Sisupalan, Jared Kitchen, Adam McCudden,  Clay Conlon, Andy Pierce, Caro Churchill, Fergal McCullough

Prospectives: John Smallwood, Joe Markus, Ged, Lewis Pierce, Stephan Lopacki, Roxy Wright


Wow! Who would have thought that the stiffest crag on the 2019 midweek meets list would bring out so many! 14 attendees came out to sample the sculpted walls of the Gritstone quarry. The evening was warm and the atmosphere was fun. Even the bugs stayed at bay until the twilight. It was a brilliant meet…

Jared pulled into the Surprise View carpark to find Gowry already waiting. He hurriedly chucked his work clobber in the boot and by the time he had his stretchy climbing pants on, there was a sturdy group of KMC climbers waiting to walk in. Jared, Cathy, Gowry, John and Joe then walked into the Hells Bells area where Cathy and Gowry partnered, and Joe and John partnered, and swapped leads on Midrift (VDiff) and Giants Steps (VDiff) respectfully. Jared ran up to the Embankment to search for others and came across Adam and Ged top roping the Jealous Pensioner (E4 5c). They suggested that the others might like to a go at the sand bag, hurghh, I mean route…Jared returned to Hells Bells in time to meet Clay, and the pair partnered for an accent of Chiming Crack (HS 4a). It was then that some others arrived. Jared remained on top of Chiming Crack to belay Roxy and Fergal up the route. Clay descended and partnered with Caro for a go at Hells Bells (HS 4a). Jared descended shortly after and teamed with Steve and Fergal. They set off to tackle The Great North Road (HVS 5a) and arrived in time to meet Andy and Lewis who had descended from their ascent. Andy and Lewis then headed off for Covent Garden (VS 4b). Roxy had joined Cathy and Gowry for a battle on Adam’s E4 sand bag. Joe and John had sped up Lambeth Chimney (HS 4b), while Clay and Caro climbed The Scoop (Diff). Everyone topped out and descended together, congregating around London wall. With the remaining light Jared, Steve and Caro then tackled the excellent Bond Street (HVS 5a), while Andy and Lewis tackled the classic The Mall (VS 4c).

At the top the light was now fading and the midges were beginning to bite. The ground team had packed up everyone’s kit and walked around to the top of the crag, and the path out. Jared and Caro ran across the top of the crag to meet them, and everyone made swift tracks back to the carpark to dodge the growing swarms. Chucking their packs in their cars, they sped off to the Little John for a pint, and a gear sort on the pub floor.  The bar man didn’t even bat an eyelid; he must be used to it…


Awesome evening everyone, it was great to see you all. Robs Rocks next week. See you all there!

Jared Kitchen

Stanage Edge

Wed 17th Jul, 2019

Members: Jared Kitchen, Andrew Stratford, James Meakin, Dan O'Brien

Prospectives: Joseph Markus, Inan Middlehurst

Possibly present but can't be sure: Adam McCudden and Ged


Well, all seemed good on the eastern front until standing at the bottom of the crag. It was then that a few drops of rain fell. Undetered Jared finished racking up and set of up Paradise Arete. 'Met office only gave it 50% chance of rain' he thought. It was indeed rain he felt, not heavy, but continuous and soon the crag was dripping. Luckily Paradise Arete is also dripping with bomber gear and Jared summited despite dripping a bit too. Below, Joe tied in for a go. Andy, however; felt a bit flat about the dampness and pottered off with Dan, James and Inan to talk about their misadventures and wet wives. Joe Bravely climbed upwards, only slipping once, and topped out with style. When they returned to the bottom it was obvious the rain was well set in. Jared's suggestion to down grade to VDiffs and tot up a mighty send list was swiftly swept aside; the decision was made. It was a wash out. Time to go home....See you next week guys. 

Jared Kitchen

If you are considering coming along to a club meet, please read the following:-

Participation Statement

"I accept that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a risk of personal injury or death. I am aware of and shall accept these risks and wish to participate in these activities voluntarily and shall be responsible for my own actions and involvement."

More Evening Meets:

Wed 13th Nov 2019
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Thu 21st Nov 2019
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During the spring and summer months evening meets are held outdoors at local crags, usually on Wednesdays, weather permitting. Keep an eye on the scribbles for the latest information. Indoor climbing wall meets start again in the autumn.

Some lucky people may be able to get out climbing nice and early, but this will vary depending on work hours and the traveling distance. Generally you should find KMC climbers at the crag by 6pm and some might still be there after its gone dark.

If you have any questions about coming along to a meet, or if you want to try and arrange car sharing, etc., then just send us an e-mail. For the latest information check the Scribble pages.

Outdoor Climbing Venues Used:

Alderman Rocks, Chew Valley (14)
Aldery Cliff (3)
Anglezarke Quarry (14)
Ashworth Moor Quarry (1)
Bamford Edge (6)
Beeston Tor (1)
Blackstone Edge (5)
Bridestones (West Yorkshire) (1)
Broadbottom Quarry (2)
Brownstones (2)
Cadshaw Rocks (6)
Castle Naze (18)
Coire an t'Sneachda (1)
Cow's Mouth Quarry, Littleborough (13)
Deeply Vale (3)
Den Lane, Uppermill (12)
Denham Quarry (8)
Dovestones Edge, Chew Valley (13)
Dovestones Lower Left Quarry (1)
Egerton Quarry (4)
Froggatt Edge (2)
Harpur Hill Quarry (10)
Helsby (14)
Hen Cloud (2)
Heptonstall (7)
Hobson Moor Quarry (41)
Hollywood Park Boulder (2)
Horseshoe Quarry (4)
John Wayne Memorial Crag (1)
Kinder Downfall (2)
Lester Mill Quarry (2)
Longford Park Boulder (3)
Millstone Edge (4)
Misty Wall, Kinder Northern Edge (1)
Moving Buttress, Cheedale (1)
New Mills Torrs (10)
Pex Hill (5)
Pot Hole Quarry (2)
Pots and Pans Quarries (2)
Pule Hill, Marsden (14)
Ramshaw Rocks (8)
Ravensdale (1)
Ravenstones - Chew Valley (1)
Reddyshore Scout (2)
Roaches Upper Tier (4)
Robs Rocks - Chew Valley (5)
Rough Knarr (1)
Running Hill Pits, Saddleworth (16)
Shining Clough Rocks (4)
Staden Quarry (6)
Stanage Plantation (1)
Stanage Popular End (1)
Standing Stones - Chew Valley (6)
Stoney Middleton (1)
Summit Quarry (2)
Swinton Boulders (1)
Tegg's Nose (2)
The Pump House (1)
Thors Cave (1)
Tintwistle Knarr (2)
Tissington Spires in Dovedale (1)
Tonacliffe Quarry (2)
Troy Quarry (27)
Victoria Park Boulder, Stretford (2)
Warton in Silverdale (3)
Wharncliffe Crags (1)
Wilton 1 (17)
Wilton 3 (9)
Wimberry Rocks (7)
Windgather (21)
Winnats Pass (1)
Witches Quarry (16)
Woodhouse Scar (2)
Wormstones (1)
Yellowslacks (3)

Climbing Walls Used:

Manchester Climbing Centre (112)
Marple Rope Race (3)
Rock Over Climbing (6)
Stockport Awesome Walls (116)
The Depot: Manchester (12)
Warrington North Face (3)

Other Evening Meets (10)

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