Evening Meets (2013)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 3rd Jan, 2013

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Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 10th Jan, 2013

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 17th Jan, 2013

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Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 24th Jan, 2013

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Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 31st Jan, 2013

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Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 7th Feb, 2013

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Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 14th Feb, 2013

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Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 21st Feb, 2013

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Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 28th Feb, 2013

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Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 7th Mar, 2013

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Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 14th Mar, 2013

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Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 21st Mar, 2013

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Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 28th Mar, 2013

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New Mills Torrs

Wed 3rd Apr, 2013

Trad, sport, bouldering and some of it floodlit...and sheltered from the rain

Attendees: James, Ozcan, Polly, Dave.

An enjoyable evening had by all. With a number of local climbers at the crag.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 4th Apr, 2013

(No Reports)

Running Hill Pits

Wed 10th Apr, 2013

Excellent turnout tonight. Barely room to squeeze another car in at the top of Running Hill Lane. Feet of snow lay in great drifts in some areas of Spanner Quarry but the main walls were in great condition due to the dry weather.

Members at the Pits: Emilys Pitts, Al Metelko, James Williams, Ozcan Yanik, Gareth Williams, Lucie Crouch, Dave Wylie, Andy Stratford.

Guests: Mark Pilling, Polly Harmer, Caz, Gareth and Steve Hill

Routes completed ranged from E3 to V Diff and included Foiles Bergeres, Dead Dog Crack, The Cracks, Mangled Digit, Plumb Line, Grot Groove, Sodom, Gomorrah and Unctuous.

The Church pub was good as ever with voting seeing Hobson Moor pip James's top tip of Ramshaw Rocks by a narrow margin.

Plenty of good routes at all grades at Hobby for next week.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 11th Apr, 2013

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 17th Apr, 2013

In attendance at Hobby: Jim Symon (who arrived and left early with a bit of bouldering between), Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley, Gareth Williams.

Routes climbed: Epitaph Corner, Drizzle, The Harp and Crew's Route.

Only 1 crag nominated for next week and voted in unanimously: Troy.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 18th Apr, 2013

(No Reports)

Troy Quarry

Wed 24th Apr, 2013

Dave W, Alex, Elliot, Polly, Duncan L, Al M and Max the man from Colne.

A dry cool evening saw a good number of routes led/soloed on the south wall. Not enough people were up for the pub so Wilton 3 was chosen for next week, if the shooting club is there then its Wilton 1.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 25th Apr, 2013

(No Reports)

Wilton 1

Wed 1st May, 2013

It was supposed to be Wilton 3 but the guns were out

Members and Guests: Dave Wylie, Steve Hill, Andy Whaley, Elliot, Al Metelko, James Williams, Steve Graham, Andy Stratford, Max the man from Colne. Ozcan Yanik brought his son, Kaya (age 5), on his first KMC meet and he despatched a V diff and a good few boulder problems with little difficulty.

The Flag went up at Wilton 3 shortly after Dave had finished on a route so the two or three early comers decamped to Wilton 1. All the routes right of the prow are currently restricted due to a bird ban - a pair of peregrines with young have taken up residence.

Routes climbed included Fingernail (VS 4c) - a steady 3rd ever lead by Steve Hill.

Orange Peel (VS 4c), Fingle Bunt (VS 4c), Eliminate (VS 4c), Rambling Route (V Diff) and Bird Chimney (S).

Denham got a shoe-in for next week.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 2nd May, 2013

(No Reports)

Denham Quarry

Wed 8th May, 2013

Home to a few Lancashire classics and hopefully before the midges come out to play. Come and have a go at one of Lancashire's most famous routes ''Mohammed the Mad Monk of the Moorside Home for Mental Misfits'' at VS 4c.

Members: Mark Ashley, Koy Oi Ding, Gareth Williams, Andy Stratford

Guests: Andy Whaley, Steve Hill, Elliot, Max Bretherton

Sunny evening but the wind kept the midges at bay.

Mohammed mental misfits VS 4c led by Mark Ashley, Max & Elliot. Concave Wall S 4a by Mark, Steve and Andy. Other routes included Mohammed the Morbid Morgul S 4a and Splash Arete V Diff. Gareth led the bold Time at E1 5a followed by Andy and Steve.

Voting took place underneath Mohammed buttress with Deeply Vale winning on the toss of a coin over Anglezarke.

Deeply Vale

Wed 15th May, 2013

Cleaned up last season by Bury MC

This week’s mid-week meet at Deeply Vale was attended by Andy Whaley, Steve Hill & Max Bretherton. The highlights of the climbing were...

Ha’penny Arête – E1 5a – lead by Max
Slab Dab – VS 4c – lead by Steve Hill
Evening Visit – VS 4c – lead by Max

The weather turned out to be good, but the corners were still damp and greasy from the morning’s rain. Slab Dab was in good condition along with the arêtes.

The venue chosen for next week has been ANGLEZARKE

Andy Whaley


Wed 22nd May, 2013

In attendance: Dave Wylie, Max Bretherton, Mark Ashley, Elliot Brown, Andy Whaley, Steve Hill, Oi Ding Koy, Clare Hodgson, Mark Pilling, Simon Robertshaw, Clay.

Windgather Rocks

Wed 29th May, 2013

heading south after many days in the north

Rolled over to next week due to heavy rain.

Windgather Rocks

Wed 5th Jun, 2013

Members: Rob Clark, Joe Flynn, Andy Stratford, Dave Wylie, James Williams, Mark Ashley, Steve Graham, Oi Ding Koy, Emily Pitts

Guests: Clare Hodgson, Helen Boothman, Elliot Brown, Graham Brown, Jane Sai, Rosie, Anisha, Kate Flynn,

Great turnout on a lovely summer evening with just enough wind to keep the worst of the midges away. Elliot Brown managed the hardest tick of the night - Portfolio at HVS 5a. Many other routes climbed by all. Mark Ashley was a little surprised when both his seconds (Jane and Ding) followed him up a Severe without helmets, chalk bags or rock shoes. And no, they weren't wearing mountaineering boots - they were barefoot!

Spells were cast in the pub by the 11 strong voting team to ensure Witches narrowly beat Ramshaw.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 6th Jun, 2013

(No Reports)

Witches Quarry

Wed 12th Jun, 2013

Lovely venue, excellent setting, superb rock, belay from the car.

Max and Mark turned up but a wet crag ensures a rollover to next week.

Witches Quarry

Wed 19th Jun, 2013

The traditional wednesday midsummer jaunt to Witches had yet another excellent 16 strong turnout who enjoyed the lovely summers evening.

Covern members casting spells included Colin Maddison, Duncan Lee, Vicky Alderton, Kieran, Emily Pitts, Dave Wylie, Andy Stratford, Mark Ashly and Koy Oi Ding.

Covern Guests included Elliot Brown, Max Bretherton, Helen Boothman, Irish Caz, Hong Thoong, Aysha Kathryn and Clay Conlon.

Routes ascended included Familiars Fall, Spellbound, Thrutch, Hell Hounds on my trail, Peel Off plus many more.

Midges stopped play around 9.30pm and a retreat was called to the Asheton Arms in Downham where the voting saw a Chew Valley crag finally get a look in.

Wimberry Rocks

Wed 26th Jun, 2013

The best crag in Chew Valley and one of the most impressive in The Peak.

This years turnout record for a wednesday with 19 climbers out enjoying superb midge free conditions on a sunny but windy evening at the top Chew venue of Wimberry.

Members: Mark Ashley, Mark Pilling, Laura Collier, Oi Ding Koy, James Williams Andy Stratford, Gareth Williams, Emily Pitts

Guests: Hong Thoong, Elliot Brown, Max Bretherton, Anisa Aslan, Mike Rippon, Clay Conlon Geri Mihalkova, Michaela Schaller, Conor Gahan, Al Platt

Routes ascended many times and in a variety of styles were Route 1 and 2, Herringbone slab, Twin cracks, Sloping crack, Coffin crack, Surprise, Slab climb, Curved Arete and Ornithologists corner.

Well done to Geri - first outdoor route, and for many their first (painful!) experience of jamming......great to see so many new faces again.

Three crags were on the table with with Horseshoe quarry a neck in front of another excellent Chew valley venue - Alderman Rocks.

Horseshoe Quarry

Wed 3rd Jul, 2013

Excellent lower and mid grade sport climbing venue. Easy parking.

It was a good evening at Horseshoe Quarry, the sun eventually coming out (& 1 or 2 midges).

Members: Mark Pilling, James Williams, Ozcan Yanik, Gareth Williams,

Guests: Chris, James, Helen Boothman, Al Platt

Climbs (that we can remember): Neanderthal, Slab cake, Bandolier, The Mexican takes Lexicon, Peckling Fever, The Quarrymen, Excavator, Olive Oil & Removal Man.

Next week’s overwhelming vote was for the stunning natural grit of Ramshaw Rocks.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 4th Jul, 2013

(No Reports)

Ramshaw Rocks

Wed 10th Jul, 2013

Rough, crystalline grit where overhanging hand-mauling cracks are a speciality, but grooves and slabs provide respite.

Members: James Williams, Mark Pilling, Andy Stratford, Mark Ashley

Guests: Clare Hodgson, Helen Boothman, Michaela Schaller, Helen Maunders

Great evening, not too warm, windy enough for no midges. Helen Boothman had an excellent night leading her first E number - Louie Groove at E1 5b. James had a similary productive evening with success on Louie Groove, Sneeze E1 5b, Battle of the Bulge VS 4b, and a mighty and ultimately successful tussle with Green Crack VS 5a. Andy managed seven routes the best of which was The Crank VS 5a- one of the best jamming cracks on grit.

Everyone else had a good night with ascents of Leeds Slab, The Arete, Wall and Groove among others.

The Winking Man was the voting venue - Alderman Rocks beat the legendary wildcard venue of Teggs Nose by five votes to one!

Alderman Rocks

Wed 17th Jul, 2013

Good quality rough grit in the Chew Valley with fine views.

Members: Mark Ashley, Andy Stratford, Dave Wylie, Nick Adamson

Guests: Clare Hodgson, Helen Boothman, Geri Mihalkova, Michaela Schaller, Anna Reeves, Mike.

Great Slab, Great Slab Arete, Great Slab Right, Great Gatsby, Pygmy Wall, Crispy Crack, Rib and Face all got a good bit of traffic until the light faded on a gorgeous sunny summers evening with great views.

Midges were mostly succesfully repelled by a combination of potions and headnets - possibly a new look for KMC members.

Cows Mouth Quarry was the unanimous winner of the golden crag award.

Cow's Mouth Quarry

Wed 24th Jul, 2013

Twas not a wet Wed, some of us made it and climbed, Dan, Max and me (Mark) but are keeping Cow's Mouth for next week.

Cow's Mouth Quarry

Wed 31st Jul, 2013

By popular demand.

(No Reports)

Cow's Mouth Quarry

Wed 7th Aug, 2013

Members: Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley, Andy Stratford

Guests: Helen Boothman, Anna Reeves, Stuart Hurworth. The Wicker Picnic Hamper.

Great sunset but the wind dropped so midge nets and various repellants were required.

eight or nine routes climbed from V Diff to E1 in a variety of styles - solo, leading, seconding, toproping and combined tactics!

Blackstone edge won on the toss of a coin over Trowbarrow.

Blackstone Edge

Wed 14th Aug, 2013

20 minute walk in, Superb sunset, great pub nearby, all grades and bouldering

No sunset tonight.....

Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley, Andy Stratford, Nick Adamson and Stuart Hurworth managed a few routes before the clag came in and turned the grit into soap.

Cadshaw got the vote tonight beating Castle Naze by four to one.

Cadshaw Rocks

Wed 21st Aug, 2013

Quite polished but plenty of easy routes Diff to HS, and a classic E2.

Members: Dave Wylie, Andy Stratford, Emily Pitts, Nick Adamson, Mark Ashley, Laura Collier

Guests: Stuart Hurworth, Jasmine Pitts, Michaela Schaeller, Helen Boothman

Special side access panels in the adidas test jacket allowed harder climbing meanwhile the man with one shoe still managed overhangs. Druids and Pagans repelled all borders. Wee beasties appeared along with headtorches and a moonlit walk out.

In the Cross Guns Castle Naze was a clear winner over Pots and Pans...so back to the south next week.

Castle Naze

Wed 28th Aug, 2013

Excellent natural grit venue 2 minute walk in. Low to mid grade classics

Members: James Williams, Andy Stratford, Mark Ashley, Mark Pilling, Laura Collier, Emily Pitts Guests: Anna Reeves, Stuart Hurworth, Chris Morrow, Jasmine Pitts, Mike

A midge free zone at Castle Naze tonight with a fine selection of leads on Scoop Face(HVS 5a), Niche Arete (VS 5a), The Crack (VS 4b), Nozag (VS 4a), Zig Zag Crack (HS 4b), Atropine (VS 4b) and various others.

Trickiest moves of the night for all were exiting via the field of fierce beasts with horns that had appeared blocking the walk back to the cars......

Apart from the lone Wolf Rocks all the suggestions were Chew Valley venues so it's back up north for Rob's Rocks next week.

Try and arrive as early as poss as it's a 40 minute walk in and it's pretty dark by 8.30pm next week!!Don't forget the 60p parking at the resevoir and remember your headtorch for the walk out...

Robs Rocks - Chew Valley

Wed 4th Sep, 2013

Page 238 in Western Grit under Upper Wilderness Valley.

Another excellent wednesday turnout in Chew Valley with thirteen members and guests making it up the 40 minute walk in time for at least two routes.

Members: Nick Adamson, Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley, Gareth Williams,Dan o'Brien, Andy Stratford, Emily Pitts, Dave Shotton, Laura collier,

Guests: Stuart Hurworth, Doug lochery, Mike, Anisa,

Dan soloed 8 routes before following Andy up Nameless one(VS 4b) also following up were Gareth and Dave wylie then Doug Lochery making short work of the jamming cracks despite it being his first ever jamming route!

Big lead of the night was Gareth Digital Orbit (E3 5c) - a massive 2ft dyno leap from a fallen block and you swing onto the jugs on the nose. Heel hooking and hard pulling get you upright. The whole adventure was filmed - expect to see a video on the website in a week or two! Andy did't manage the dyno but hand traversed in at VS 5a.

Other leads included:

Mark - letterbox,
Stuart - Zacharias , Ylnosd Rib
Andy - Nameless one, Fantastic arete,
Dave wylie - Cripples wall, Letterbox

Crags on the table tonight; Standing stones. Helsby, john henry, Den lane. Standng Stones got the vote.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 5th Sep, 2013

(No Reports)

Standing Stones - Chew Valley

Wed 11th Sep, 2013

Clean rough grit with well-weathered seams providing lots of juggy incuts and pockets.

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 26th Sep, 2013

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 3rd Oct, 2013

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 10th Oct, 2013

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 17th Oct, 2013

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 24th Oct, 2013

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 31st Oct, 2013

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 7th Nov, 2013

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 14th Nov, 2013

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 28th Nov, 2013

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 5th Dec, 2013

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 12th Dec, 2013

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 19th Dec, 2013

(No Reports)

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