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Hobson Moor

Wed 10th Apr, 2024

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Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 20th Sep, 2023

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Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 30th Mar, 2022

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Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 3rd Apr, 2019

Members: Emily Pitts, Michelle Mudhar, Dave Dillon, Dan O’Brien, Jim Symon, Clay Conlon, Gareth Williams (cameo), Meirion Tanner (cameo)

Guests: Fergus McCullough, Girish Ramesh, 


The Glossop Massive in the form of Williams (Gareth) and Tanner (Meirion) made cameo appearances, a couple of hours apart, the former arriving just as the sleet and snow hit, the latter, as climbing wrapped up and the sun went down. Four seasons in one hour didn’t stop the rest of the motley crew from climbing, albeit with a hiatus as the heavens opened shortly after arrival. Jim and Clay managed to whip up The Harp, then onto Crew’s Route after the Squall. 


Dan, Girish, Fergus and I variously pootled around the right hand side of the traverse, trying out some fun moves and generally enjoying the company alongside the climbing. 


Meanwhile, Michelle and Dave created a handsome setup for Michelle to test out in her bid to get fit for the Old Man of Hoy, which she is aiming to climb in 2020. Check out https://www.routetothesky.co.uk if you want to find out more about the curious setup and Michelle’s ambitious adventure.


A great start to the 2019 outdoor meets calendar. 


Emily Pitts

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 29th Aug, 2018

Ponder where summer went during the short walk in...

Members: Nils Elgar, Geri Mihalkova, Gowry Sisupalan, Andy Stratford, Jim Symon, Mark Ashley

Guest: Alexandra Black

A lovely fine evening at the well used Hobson Moor. The team ascended all the usual classics in varying combinations: Epitaph Corner, Parkers Eliminate, Crews Route, Foghorn Groove, The Harp, Pocket Wall and Ledge Way.

In the vote for next week’s crag Running Hill Pits lost out to the sunset venue of Alderman Rocks.

Andy Stratford

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 28th Mar, 2018

It's tradition! The clocks have changed so the KMC will be heading out...

Attendance: Paul Evans, Jim Symon, Gareth Williams

Despite rain early in the day the crag presented the illusion of dry rock. Conditions were not perfect but The Harp, Crew's Route, Foghorn Groove and Epitaph Corner were all climbed.

Next week's crag: Den Lane Quarry

Gareth Williams

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 6th Sep, 2017

Home of the famous back wall traverse

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 5th Apr, 2017

This time... This time things will be different...

Members: Emily Pitts, Clay Conlon, Dave Wylie,  James Hall, Elliot Brown, Ben Slater, James Meakin, Jim Symon, Andy Stratford, Gowry Sisupalan, Nils Elgar, Alice Bowes-Larkin .

Guests: Jack Buzco, Chris Kastavunis, Caro Churchill, Hannah and Tim Elgar.

A grand turn out of seventeen members and guests for the first outdoor Wednesday evening meet of the year at local favourite Hobson Moor. It was a busy evening, with the Rucsac club and a few other local regulars as well, and all the usual routes got ticked off.

The Harp (VS 4b) had leads from Jim, Nils, Andy and Elliot, who took the steeper finish; Foghorn Groove (Vs 4c) by Jim and Elliot; Crews (VS 4c) was tackled in style by Jim, Clay and Ben; Jim led the fine arête and crack of Gideon (VS 5a) and James Hall was confident on Parkers  (HVS 5a) but found the back wall traverse ‘pumpy’ – it was James’s first trip to Hobby – he’ll be addicted to that traverse soon......

Andy had a wobbly first lead of the year on the super sandbag of Evening Ridge (HVD) – this was pronounced harder than the Harp and Epitaph corner by both Andy and Jack! Elliot made short work of Grain of Sand (VS 5a) ;Epitaph corner (VS 4b) had a number of leads including Andy, Jim, Ben and Nils whilst Pocket Wall (VDiff) was led by Andy, Dave and James Meakin
All the routes were seconded many many times including the Harp and Epitaph in fine style by Hannah, and Gowry deserves a mention – first rock route after climbing maternity leave!

Thirteen made the pub and with quarries in favour (before the midges takes hold) we saw Wilton 1, Den Lane, Troy and Anglezarke on the table with Wilton 1 taking the honours. 

Andy Stratford

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 29th Mar, 2017

An oldie, but a goodie for the first outdoor Wednesday of the year!

Rain and gloom forced a rollover...

Daniel O'Brien

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 21st Sep, 2016

It's getting late in the season - super short walk-ins are the order of the day!

Members - Cathy Gordon, Jim Symon, Andy Stratford, James Meakin, Duncan Zerafa, Nils Elgar, Fiona Dixon, John Evans, Clay Conlon, Dan O’Brien

Guests – Elliot Brown, James Duthie, Hanna and Tim 

It’s that time of year again…

Limited by the fading light the KMC returned to Hobson Moor Quarry with ire’s short (and recently broadened) walk-in.  There was a solid turn-out for a late season Wednesday as the KMC set about ticking some of the oft-travelled local classics.  Nils led Epitaph Corner (VS) followed by Fiona and Hanna who had to employ some creative footwork to make up for lack of reach on the tricky section.  Epitaph was also climbed by Elliott, followed by Dave and Andy, followed by James M.

Dan book-ended the midweek season by leading Parker’s Eliminate (HVS) which he also climbed as his first route on the first Wednesday back in April.  Andy followed using a very different sequence.  Clay also led Parker’s having employed the power of pasta1 to ensure success, followed by Dan in the drizzle.  Jim had a productive evening leading Crew’s Route (VS), The Harp (HS) and Foghorn Groove (VS) all followed by Cathy (on her first and last midweek of the year) and the latter also followed by James M who also led Pocket Wall (VD).  Elliott moved onto The Harp with Dave and James D led Crew’s Route and the Harp followed by Duncan.

Last and by no-means least came Fiona and John on Midnight Variation (S).  It starts up Evening Ridge (VD) which is described on UKC as “not to be recommended” and then finishes up a wall or groove on the right.  As the drizzle descended the dirty and steep corner and wall became almost impassable and a rope was requested (and subsequently provided by Dan).  After John topped out fiona followed in full drizzle mode and the rest of us decamped to the Pub.

If there is something to be said about the shorter evenings it is the increased opportunities for sitting in the pub.  Alas Duncan didn’t get the memo and left his nomination (for Wilton 1) and vote via proxy.  The other nominations were Dovedale (optimistic at the best of times and positively foolhardy at this time of year) and New Mills Tor.  New Mills was victorious in a run off against Wilton (which mounted a surprisingly strong challenge given its absence of floodlights!)  So its perma-dry quarried grit next week for what is likely the last outdoor Wednesday of the year (unless your correspondent finally wins a vote for an evening of aid climbing in Dovedale).

Until next week…

[1] Apparently couscous had previously been shown not to provide a sufficient boost.  We expect him to release the full dataset shortly and look forward to his work with potatoes.

Daniel O'Brien

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 30th Mar, 2016

It's that time of year again!

Members: Gary Thornhill, Dave Wylie, James Meakin, Ben Slater, Gareth Williams, Dan O’Brien

Guests: Gowry Sisupalan, George Williams, James Hall

Fantastic turnout for the first outdoor Wednesday of summer 2016 – even the Sun put in an appearance!

Gary and Ben arrived early and set about working the Back-Wall Traverse (V4) finding most of the crux sections still dripping from rain the day before.  The rest of the crag was in pretty good nick however so the team set about ticking some of the local classics.  Gareth led Foghorn Groove and James H led The Harp (VS) followed by Ben.  The route is still on Dave Wylie’s banned list until the loose block at the top finally falls off!  Dave, belayed by Ben and followed by Gowry, climbed Epitaph Corner (VS) which he claimed would be the high point of his climbing season (he later proved this wrong by ably following Gareth up the HVS finger crack of Parker’s Eliminate).  James H Led Gideon (VS – though HVS in the old Kinder Guide and it hasn’t got easier!) followed by George and Ben.  Dan, James M and Gary teamed up for Parker’s Eliminate, Crew’s Route (VS) and Gideon.  A more detailed description of this portion of the evening can’t be printed due to it’s X-Rated content (courtesy of James!) 

As the sun set, the temperature plummeted and the team retreated to the Wagon & Horses.  James and George both collected signatures for Associate Membership so hopefully they will be joining soon!  After Anglezarke was eliminated in round one with only a single vote, a run off between Windgather and Wilton was won by the bolton Quarry after a tactical switch from James M so it’s quarried gritstone again next week.

Daniel O'Brien

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 23rd Sep, 2015

Nights are drawing in - potentially the last outdoor Wednesday of the year

Members: Dan O’Brien, Andy Stratford, Mark Pilling, James Williams, Jim Symon (rumoured)

Guests: Rob Mills

A promising forecast quickly deteriorated in the afternoon.  Andy arrived early at a dry Hobson Moor, phoning Jim to tell him that the weather was good.  In the short time it took Jim to arrive the weather had turned and made climbing an uninviting prospect.  Jim headed for home and Andy to Stockport Wall.  Mark and James arrived in the quarry shortly after.  Being made of sturdier stuff they opted for traversing along the back wall (a long pumpy V4).  As Rob and Dan arrived the rain had thoroughly soaked the main crag and a decision was made to join Andy for an impromptu wall session.

Andy had already climbed 12 routes on the auto-belays so was keen to hold Dan’s ropes when he arrived.  Rob, Mark and James teamed up and after a few laps of the top-roping walls for a warm-up headed off for stepper ground on the leading walls.  Dan was humbled by a red 6a+ whilst Andy (that Cat) danced up the central pumpy section.  James, Rob and Mark cranked the grades up with a reachy 6c.  James reckoned that it seemed like a successful session as he was "falling off hard stuff”.  Dan and Andy moved onto slab by territory where an increasingly shirtless Andy made an ascent of a 6b+ which “eased off a bit too much towards the top”.  The next route (a 6a+) more than made up for it with a tricky reach section at the last overlap.

Over tea and fizzy pop on the mezzanine, the venue for next week was discussed with New Mills Torrs being a clear favourite as it will be possible to climb there even if it is wet and dark.

Andy and Dan gave up shortly afterwards leaving Rob, Mark and James wondering if we were only part timers as they roped up for another route…

Daniel O'Brien

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 1st Oct, 2014

Repeat choice by very popular demand - if wet, indoors at Stockport wall.

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 24th Sep, 2014

Maybe the final outdoor meet of the season......until we go aid climbing in some cold dark caves

Members: Emily Pitts, Meirion Tanner, Dave Wylie

Guests: George Williams, Bron Edwards, Ben Slater, Matt Harrigan, Jools

Stuff was done. Dave decided to do his last lead in the dark. George took his first lead fall gaining a view of the quarry upside down and walking away with just a scratch. Ben 'well enjoyed' Foghorn Groove. Bron did a great deal of scuttling up on the end of most ropes, with style and grace. Emily amused herself by throwing carabiners off the crag at everyone, whilst practising for the forthcoming SPA assessment ('fail', they screamed). Jules did a great job of leading crew's route and foghorn groove. Matt arrived to climb in the dark with a head torch. John arrived in time for drinks at the pub.

And so to next week....

A unanimous decision was taken to go outdoors next week, Hobson Moor again. In the event of poor weather we will go to Stockport awesome walls instead. Watch the scribble.


Hobson Moor Quarry (roll-over)

Wed 9th Apr, 2014

A smashing turnout of fifteen at the first proper meet of the year, with some classic Hobbie routes ticked off.

Members: Emily Pitts, Meirion Tanner, Andy Stratford, Clay Conlon, Dave Shotton, Dave Wylie, Koy oi Ding, Mark Ashley, Gareth Williams, Al Metelko

Guests: Nils Elgar, Elliott Brown, Hong Thoong, Charlotte, Innes MacDonald

Mark, Emily and Andy led Pocket Wall (VDiff) with a wide swathe of seconders scooting up after them. Foghorn Groove (VS 4c) was led by Meirion and Andy, plus others remaining anonymous. Meirion led Tighe's arête (E1 5a) seconded by both Emily and Dave W.

Steve's dilemma (E2 6a) was worked elegantly by Gareth and attempted on a second with serious dogging by both Emily and Andy, whose extreme efforts were unrewarded. Gareth soloed Peak Arête (E1, 5a), then led Midnight Variation at HS 4a after Andy backed off.

Clay led Crews Route (VS 4c). The Harp (VS 4b) saw leads from several including Dave W and Mark. Nils led up Epitaph corner (VS 4b).

Meanwhile, prowling around the perimeter of the quarry partaking in the occasional discussion, was Al.

A wonderful evening smattered with occasional bursts of sun, giving us all a taste of what's to come ...... Roll on next week at Pex Hill.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 2nd Apr, 2014

no reports received.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 17th Apr, 2013

In attendance at Hobby: Jim Symon (who arrived and left early with a bit of bouldering between), Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley, Gareth Williams.

Routes climbed: Epitaph Corner, Drizzle, The Harp and Crew's Route.

Only 1 crag nominated for next week and voted in unanimously: Troy.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 19th Sep, 2012

Hobnobbing - Polly, Matt, Aina (Polly's cousin), Ozcan, Steve, Dave.

Pocket Wall to Hanging Slab. Avoiding cracks. Heather. Saying goodbye sun and hello new moon. No head torches.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 13th Jun, 2012

Members: Peter McNulty, Andy Stratford

Guests: Dan Metcalfe, Alan Barnes, Clare Hodgson, Mark Pilling, Chris Morrow

It wasn't the rain that stopped play this week - although the little we had meant the Quarry walls were pretty greasy and even the easier routes quite spicy. No, the midge team had the best moves and thrashed the KMC at least 5-0. Still a reasonable haul of routes - including Crews route, Parkers Eliminate, Gideon, Evening Ridge, Foghorn Groove, The Harp and Pocket Wall. Voting took place at the crag as most of the team looked like they had the measles by the time the midges had finished with us and we didn't think we'd get served in the Waggon & Horses. Witches next week. Limestone = less midges - so they say...

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 30th May, 2012

Ozcan Yanik, Clare Baguley, Al Metelko, Kevin Anderson, Alice Larkin, Dave Bone, Tony Major.

Much bouldering and one route before rain stopped play just after 8 o’clock. As most of the team are not around next week it was decided the venue should stay at Hobby.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 7th Dec, 2011

Could be snow this time (fingers crossed)

Quarry to myself. Small patches of snow here and there. Smaller patches of dry rock. Parker's and Crew's (or is it now Kitty's?) shunted. Gareth.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 30th Nov, 2011

Road side noctural bouldering and conventional climbing too...

Did some traversing, but no voting, so Hobson lives another seven days...

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 28th Sep, 2011

Members: Al Metelko, Jim Symon, Dave Dillon, Gareth Williams, Oi Ding Koy, Mark Ashley, Kevin Anderson, Andy Stratford, Laura Collier, Dave Wylie.

Guests: Andy Coulson, Alice Bowes, Jo Bell, Nick Adamson, Paul Marsden, Ozcan Yanik

Good selection of routes climbed on a lovely sunny warm evening by the 16 members and guests tonight including six continuous traverses of the back wall by Kevin. Ouch!

The other trad routes included The Harp(HS 4b), Crews Route (VS 4c), Pocket Wall (V diff), Gideon, Grain of Sand(VS 5a), Tighes Arete, Parkers Eliminate, Epitaph Corner, Midnight Variation.

Last two routes were started in the dark with headtorches which made Nick very happy.

Five crags voted on for next week with the 'sunset special' venue of Cows Mouth narrowly eclipsing Shining Clough.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 26th Jan, 2011

Present: Dave Dillon, Nick Adamson.

Two routes, slightly damp, stars and clouds, a gentle breeze. No snow visible.
Spring on the horizon. Head torches off some of the time.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 29th Dec, 2010

Present: James Williams.

Hard voting in the pub.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 8th Dec, 2010

Quarry: James Williams, Nick Adamson, Al Metelko, Dave Dillon.

Dismayed by lack of rain. Made do with cornices leering over walls. Some routes on lesser corniced parts. Star light. Snow. Stunt doubles. Abseil practice over larger cornice above the Harp. Pub visit at half way point to get warm and regroup.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 10th Nov, 2010

Present and chattering: Nick Adamson, Dave Dillon, Gareth Williams, Al Metelko, Mark Ashley.

Dark by 4.30. Clouds cleared about 6. Wonderful clear night, shooting stars. Boulder problems and solos (to keep moving). Prolonged voting in the local (to get warm again). Various illumination from mob phones to small box with candles inside.

Hobson Moor

Wed 14th Apr, 2010

A good turnout for the first KMC midweek evening meet of the year, including a few prospective members: Gareth Williams, Dave Wylie, Al Metelko, Josh Dynover, Ian Crook, Mark Ashley, Mike Reading, Katharine Bagshaw and Mike Freeman.

Some bouldering on the classic traverse round the quarry was the first order of the evening. Then various classic routes were climbed, including "Pocket Wall", "The Harp", "Epitaph Corner", "Amphitheatre Climb", etc. The weather stayed very fine, thought it did get a bit chilly once the sun left the crag. On to the "Waggon and Horses" for a swift drink and to decide where to go next week.

Hobson Moor

Wed 23rd Sep, 2009

The Climbers: Dave Dillon, Peter McNulty, Dave Wylie, Trish Cranston, Christine Stark, Al Metelko.

The Climbs: Gideon, Crew's Route, Pocket Wall, The Harp, Epitaph Corner, Parker's Eliminate, etc., etc. An excellent evening was had by all. Peter had already top-roped a couple of harder routes on his own (using a fixed rope and a Shunt) before the others started to arrive. He then made short work of leading some of the classic VS's. Dave D. did a fine lead of "Gideon", the jamming crack of which proved to be a little tricky for both Dave W. and Peter to follow. Christine was having an interesting time following Al up an alleged "VS" on the back wall, only to be told by another passing climber "No, that's E1!". Climbing continued until after sunset and, by the time Trish was following Dave W. up "Epitaph Corner", it got pretty dark - which just added to the fun...

Hobson Moor

Wed 8th Apr, 2009

Members: James Hoyle, Dave Wylie, Al Metelko, Bob Kelly. Guests: Rachael Flynn, Angela, Alex, Nicola, Matthew and Perri Wilkinson, Nick Veevers, Tom Makin. This popular location was originally chosen for one of the January nocturnal meets. Unfortunately, poor weather and injury put the kibosh on that plan. April 8th proved to be dry, if a bit cool and breezy. There was a good turnout by the KMC, despite some wimps bottling out saying that it was too windy! Lots of routes were done, from E3 (on top rope) to V Diff, including a selection of the great routes on offer at HS and VS.

Hobson Moor

Wed 10th Dec, 2008

James Hoyle, Al Metelko, Chris Williams and newcomer Rachel all went to Hobson Moor. It was a crisp night, but the moon provided excellent visibility. Luckily the icy patches weren't on all the routes. Pocket Wall, Heather Corner, The Harp and Parker's Eliminate were all climbed in style; graded from V Diff to HVS. All then top roped Tighes Arete (E1) before retiring to the local to pick another crag.

Hobson Moor

Wed 23rd Apr, 2008

A fine Wednesday evening tempted a fair number of climbers out to Hobson Moor.

Dave W., Al, Richard, Midge, Joanne and Mark came along to the meet to get some routes in. Jo F. and Carl also turned up to climb, but hadn't actually known about the evening meet! Gary also put in an appearance but, being dressed for work, in his suit, he didn't climb. There were also a large number of non-KMC climbers at this popular quarry. Routes included "Amphiteatre Climb", "Pocket Wall", "Epitaph Corner", etc. A lot of boudlering, traversing and soloing of easy routes was also undertaken.

Hobson Moor

Wed 16th Apr, 2008

Chris, Gordon and Al bouldered at a dry but cold Hobson Moor, the emphasis on Mantel Shelving.

Hobson Moor

Wed 9th Apr, 2008

Andy and Al did go to Hobson Moor on the 9th even though most of the crag was wet and green there was enough dry rock to do 2/3 hours of bouldering.

Hobson Moor

Wed 17th Oct, 2007

Garry, Andy and Al did 6 routes. We were entertained by a few local youths throwing fireworks into the quarry.

Hobson Moor

Wed 27th Sep, 2006

Yet another visit to Hobson MoorEight people made it out for this final mid-week evening climbing meet of 2006. There was only time for a couple of routes and some low-level traversing before it got too dark and the rain arrived.


Hobson Moor

Wed 20th Sep, 2006

Hobson Moor was dry and well fingered by the KMC. Food in the Pub (The Globe in Glossop) was good, as usual. Quiz results need more practice, especially in the Roman goddess department. As this was "Possibly the last midweek climbing of the summer" it was decided to make sure that next week would be "Really, the pretty much, very last midweek climbing of the summer" by going to Hobson Moor again next Wednesday, weather permitting. Same entertainment on offer. Brush up your Latin.

Hobson Moor

Wed 17th May, 2006

Amazingly, despite the weather, this evening meet actually took place! On Wednesday James Richardson headed to Hobson Moor Quarry with Al Metelko. Al did a couple of lengths on the back wall and then left James to it. He spent the next hour there bouldering around and even got a couple of routes in. He then headed to Stalybridge Station Café for a beer and met up with Dave Bish and Katie.

Hobson Moor

Wed 28th Sep, 2005

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor

Wed 20th Apr, 2005

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor

Wed 22nd Sep, 2004

Drizzled off!

Hobson Moor

Wed 11th Aug, 2004

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor

Wed 9th Jun, 2004

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor

Wed 20th Aug, 2003

(No Reports)

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