Evening Meets (2011)

Alderman Rocks

Wed 12th Jan, 2011

Present: Gareth.

Several ascents and some scouting around.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 13th Jan, 2011

(No Reports)

Wimberry Boulders

Wed 19th Jan, 2011

Present amongst others: Al Metelko, James Williams.

Various sampling points through the night confirmed alternative activities in the area.
Decided to give Hobson Moor another go since not much conventional climbing done there on last couple of visits.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 20th Jan, 2011

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 26th Jan, 2011

Present: Dave Dillon, Nick Adamson.

Two routes, slightly damp, stars and clouds, a gentle breeze. No snow visible.
Spring on the horizon. Head torches off some of the time.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 27th Jan, 2011

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 3rd Feb, 2011

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 10th Feb, 2011

(No Reports)

Wilton Three (if no guns)

Wed 16th Feb, 2011

Present Al Metelko, Dave Dillon.

No Guns present, young or old. Two routes and two descents. The moon joined us for a while. Didn't really need head torches, but occasionally used them just to show willing. Retired to the posh pub for a yak.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 17th Feb, 2011

(No Reports)

Broadbottom Quarry

Wed 2nd Mar, 2011

Present: Nick Adamson, Al Metelko, Dave DIllon

Forgot guide books. Bouldering at the bridge end to warm up. Well lit. Climbed one route from the path. A corner route 15 feet from path. Bush clearing. Last years brambles. Cleared way to three routes in all. Voting in pub.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 3rd Mar, 2011

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 10th Mar, 2011

(No Reports)

Cows Mouth Quarry

Wed 16th Mar, 2011

Two attendees: Nick Adamson, Gareth Williams.

Dense mist. Correction to navigation confirmed by (brand) new technology. Some dry rock found. Two routes (Cornette and Right Corner). Nice to be on grit (as opposed to resin).

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 17th Mar, 2011

(No Reports)

Reddyshore Scout

Wed 23rd Mar, 2011

There: Al Metelko, Nick Adamson, Dave Dillon

Some traffic. Wobbley roads. Location learning curve. Nice sunset. No moon. A Bazillian stars. Intro Wall, Green Piece then The Summit. Painted route initials.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 24th Mar, 2011

(No Reports)

Anglezarke Quarry

Wed 30th Mar, 2011

Damp conditions in Manchester didn't deter the trio in attendance: Carolyn Mills, Nick Adamson, Gareth Williams.

Some slimy leading: Wedge (HS 4b), Nightmare (VS 4b), Whittaker's Original (HS 4a), Alldred's Original (VDiff). The latter climbed by headtorch carrying packs, as a more attractive exit to the quarry than reversing the descent scramble.

Lighter evenings now: hoping more members will come out as the light (and weather?) improves.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 31st Mar, 2011

(No Reports)

Summit Quarry

Wed 6th Apr, 2011

Present: Blaise Harvey, Andy Stratford, Jim Symon, Mark Garrod, Al Metelko, Trish Cranston, Neil, Gareth Williams, Nick Adamson, Dave Dillon.

Approached from various pubs. Chicken with an ice axe. Loads of routes in the light, some in the sun. An obligatory route in the dark (with gear testing). Staggered voting in the Summit. Gareth set his target of leading any E1 by the height of summer.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 7th Apr, 2011

(No Reports)

Pule Hill

Wed 13th Apr, 2011

There in body: Dave Wylie, Dave Dillon, Andy Stratford, Gareth Williams.

No midges. No Sun. Moon showed up. Wind chill. Interesting Yorkshire grades. Aid route. Head torches. Numb bits. Large baby bouncer. Pub by crest of the hill.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 14th Apr, 2011

(No Reports)

Running Hill Pits

Wed 20th Apr, 2011

In the Pits: Dave Wylie, Trish Cranston, Gareth Williams, Nick Adamson, Oi Ding Koy, Jim Symon, James Williams, Dave Dillon.

No midges. Plumb Line's delights explored. The spanner approached from all angles. Gear testing. A route in the dark for winters sake. The Church for voting.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 21st Apr, 2011

(No Reports)

Castle Naze

Wed 27th Apr, 2011

On the Naze: Gareth, Mark, James, Al, Trish

What a fabulous sunny evening, rock perfect, almost followed Gareth bare footed up Scoop Face.


Wed 4th May, 2011

Present: Carolyn Mills and Gareth Williams.

Three excellent routes climbed in super weather: Eliminate 1 (E1 5b), Wood's Climb (HVS 5a) and Golden Pillar (HVS 5b), the latter with a fine forking finish!


Wed 11th May, 2011

Amassed: Bob Milward, Joe Flynn, James Williams, Carolyn Mills, Mark Ashley, Dave Dillon.

Many of Mohammed's paths followed finishing on time for voting in the Cavendish. Superbly controlled slo-mo screamers. Continental gear. Sunset. Sand. Squamish pipped by Wilton 1 in favour of zero midge intent.

Wilton 1

Wed 18th May, 2011

Andy Stratford, Dave Wylie, Carolyn Mills, Trish Cranston, Al Metelko, James Williams.

Sunny evening, surprisingly dry after all the recent rain, midge free but not quite slug free. Routes ranged from S to E1. Voting for next weeks crag happened in the car park as the pub was closed!!

Troy Quarry

Wed 25th May, 2011

*** Changed Location ***

Greeks Present: James Williams, Carolyn Mills, Nick Adamson, Dave Shotton, Frazer, Dave Wylie, Peter McNulty, Blaise Harvey, Andy Stratford, Oi Ding Koy, Mark Asley, Al Metelko, Trish Cranston, Dave Dillon, Jim Symon.

No falls, submittions, head torches etc. Good clean fun. Round Barn Quarry lives for another day.

Harpur Hill Quarry

Wed 1st Jun, 2011

Trish Cranston, Blaise Harvey, Carolyn Mills, James Williams, Gareth Williams, Nick Adamson Andy Stratford, Colin Maddison, Jim Symon, Al Metelko

The group amassed a good number of routes at Totty then spreading out later into Long Wall.


Wed 8th Jun, 2011

Rained off

Soggy yorkshire crags are not our bag. Andy Stratford and Blaise Harvey met potential new member Ozcan Yanik and did a fine evenings indoor routing at Stockport. Looking forward to the sun shining for heptonstall next week.


Wed 15th Jun, 2011

(Wet Wednesday rollover). Meet under Forked Lightning Crack

Will it ever stop raining!


Wed 22nd Jun, 2011

Another Wet Wednesday rollover

In attendance: dave wylie, carolyn mills, andy stratford.

Shades of last year with the twice postponed meet finally happening with a reduced quotient of wednesday regulars. Carolyn showed us her Fairy Steps followed ever so daintily by Andy and Dave.

Andy led up The Main Line - the only slab route in the predominantly overhanging quarry and met the crag cat at the top.

As the last meet at Anglezarke was so slimy and wet we decided to give this excellent venue another chance.


Wed 29th Jun, 2011

Members: Andy Stratford, Gareth Williams, Carolyn Mills, James Williams, Peter McNulty. Guests: NIck Adamson, Neil Britton, Jack Buczko, Paul 'mars bar' Marsden, John Jeffries, Ozcan Yanik

A fine evening with a huge turnout of guests and new faces to compliment the usual suspects. (As an alternative to the cryptic Dillon style meet report here is an old fashioned one with a list of what people did!)

Metamorphosis(VS 4c) had leads from Andy, Neil and Carolyn and seconded by Nick, Paul, Ozcan and Gareth. Wedge (HS 4b) led by Neil and Nick and seconded by Jack and Ozcan. Nightmare Crack(VS 4b) led by Neil and seconded by Jack. Birthday Crack (VS 4c) led by Andy and Neil and seconded by Paul and Jack. Glister Wall (S 4a) led by Paul seconded by Andy. Many Happy Returns (HVS 5a) led Gareth seconded by Carolyn. Terror Cotta (HVS 5a) led by Gareth seconded by Carolyn. First Finale led by Carolyn, seconded by Gareth. Edipol! (HS 4b) led by James seconded by Nick. Whitakers original (HS 4a) led by nick seconded by Ozcan. Andy attempted Samarkand (VS 4c) but was beaten off by the 'traditional' start.

The midges saw us off and we retreated to the lucianos for voting. Witches Quarry beating Tegs Nose by a Nose. Car sharing recomended as parking is limited, check the scribble board Tuesday.

Witches Quarry

Wed 6th Jul, 2011

No report, rolls over to next week.

Witches Quarry

Wed 13th Jul, 2011

The Garden Party may be more your thing. Check your newsletter.

Trish Cranston, Gareth Williams, Nick Adamson Andy Stratford, Al Metelko, Jason

Excellent conditions, superb routes, just made last orders!

Windgather Rocks

Wed 20th Jul, 2011

Members: Mark Garrod, Jim Symon, Andy Stratford, Dave Shotton, Mark Ashley, Koy Oi Ding,

Guests: Ozcan Yanik, David Kirsfelds.

Jim led mostly overhangs, keen prospective new member Ozcan arrived with shiny new gear and managed to scratch it on his first 3 leads ably belayed by el presidente. All others had a good session before the drizzle set in at 9pm. Beers in the Swan and voting with Alderman rocks narrowly beating Cows Mouth by a hoof.

Alderman rocks

Wed 27th Jul, 2011

Members : John Cox, Mark Garrod, Andy Stratford, Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley, Koy Oi Ding, Carolyn Mills and Guests: Nick Adamson, Ozcan Yanik, Emma Collins

Great turnout on a lovely balmy summers evening especially considering the number of members at the Alps meet. Mark Garrod & Dave were the early starters with John making a surprise but most welcome appearance.

Quite a few routes solo'd by Carolyn, Nick, Ding, Mark G and Dave.

New man Ozcan continued his leading adventures with a solid effort on Great Slab Arrete (HVD) - a route also led by Dave, Mark Ash and Nick.

The two pitch Great Slab (VS 4c) saw leads from Andy and Carolyn but both were bitten by the pitch two fist crack. Nasty!

Pygmy wall (HS 4b) was led up by Mark Ash & Andy.

Carolyn led the way up the not-so-Crispy Crack but slightly-in-need-of-gardening crack (HVS 5a) followed by various others.

Andy led the delicate pebble gripping fest of Great Slab Right (HVS 4c) followed by several others.

Many other routes were climbed - far too many to record with us finally making 'The Clarence' at 10pm ish.

With five crags on the table the voting came down to Wilton 3 Vs Standing Stones and in the end it was John Cox's standing stones winning out the day.

Carolyn asked when he was last there and if it might be green: after a pause the reply..."...ohh, sometime in the 60's''...... accompanied by a sly grin!

Standing Stones

Wed 3rd Aug, 2011

Members: Andy Stratford, Carolyn Mills

Guests: Nick Adamson, Ozcan Yanik

This always had the potential for low attendance due to relatively long walk in (for a weds!), off putting descriptions of blocked up laybys and general obscurity but we all thought it very worth the effort - the location, quality of rock and height of routes was superb. And surprisingly it wasn't green. We shall return.

Ozcan continued moving up the leading grades with a solid effort on Smiler (HS 4b) followed by Andy. Both Carolyn and Andy led the crag classic 'twin crack corner' a worthy VS 4b followed by Nick and Ozcan. Fairy Nuff (VS 5a) succumbed to Carolyn after a bit of a tussle.

Just made it to the cars before it went dark then a quick one in 'The Clarence'. After many weeks of being proposed the infamous Teggs Nose finally got the vote - unanimous this week!

Tegg's Nose

Wed 10th Aug, 2011

Rained off

Tegg's Nose

Wed 17th Aug, 2011

Wet Wednesday Rollover

Curious soles whose toes followed their nose: Andy S, Al M, Trish C, Gareth W, Carolyn M, Mark A, Roger D, Ding, James W, Nick A, Oscan Y, Philip and Andy

Eventually the time came when the Teggs Nose dream was realised, and with a lovely sunny evening, a beautiful sunset, some high altitude gardening opportunities and steel bars to abseil from, it didn't disappoint. Those who arrived first bagged some early solo routes, then with the small crag at almost full capacity, every recorded route was then climbed by somebody at some point, with a handful of other unrecorded routes also being done in between. Although intriguing, the nearby leather bar was snubbed in favour of Puss in Boots for drinks afterwards, where Wilton 3 was chosen for next week.

Wilton Three

Wed 24th Aug, 2011

Optimism won the Scribble debate, and was rewarded with a dry evening, no guns, but plenty of mountain rescue folk out training (not on KMC members).

Present and climbing: Paul Marsden, Andy Coulson, Nick Adamson, James Williams, Gareth Williams.

Routes climbed: Orange Wall (VS 4c), Orange Crack (HS 4b), Parallel Cracks (S 4a), Forked Cracks (VS 4c) and Central Crack (HVS 5a).

Lessons learnt: tea CAN be drunk through a midge-net!

Voted in for next week: Helsby.


Wed 31st Aug, 2011

Enjoying the high life in Helsby were: Jim S, Paul E, Carolyn M, Gareth W, Nick A

Early start by Jim and Paul, bagged them several routes before the others arrived, and allowed Paul to concentrate on photos for the rest of the evening. Gareth made an impressive ascent of Morgue Slab (E2 5b) just in time to see the fabulous sunset from high up on the hill and the other routes climbed were: Twin Caves Crack (S 4a), Grooved Slab (VS 4a), Eliminate 1 (E1 5b), Agag (VS 4c) and as some training for the coming months an ascent of Flake Crack (HVS 5a) was done just as day turned into night.

On the way down Gareth's trainers learned why they had never been outdoors before and why they will remain outdoors for ever more. Helsby Arms for drinks and crisps and after only 1 round of votes New Mills voted in for next week (BBQ optional!)

New Mills Torrs

Wed 7th Sep, 2011

New Mills Tors rained off.

Stockport Wall for Andy Stratford, Carolyn Mills, James Williams, and guests Ozcan Yanik & Andy Coulson

New Mills gets another chance.

New Mills Torrs

Wed 14th Sep, 2011

Members: Gareth Williams, Carolyn Mills, Andy Stratford, Mark Ashley, Oi Ding Koy

Guests: Ozcan Yanik

Genius idea to bolt those routes on the bridge pillar. Made for some very interesting 'dressed gritstone sport climbing'.....Gareth managed to lead each of the 4 aretes on the main pillar and Andy one, with most others toproping at least one. The last one started in the dark with a headtorch (Where was Nick?) Roll on winter!

A couple of Trad routes on the loose steep cliff under the viaduct included Ozcan's first HVS lead 'Deception' at 5a. 'The Overlooked Groove' (HS 4b) Andy & Ding , Cracked Corner (HS 4b) Mark & Ozcan.

Pride of the Peak hosted the voting with 'The Pumphouse', Fallowfield winning over Hobson Moor.

Voting was swayed by an agreement to be at the 'Tai Pan' (81-97 Upper Brook Street Manchester M13 9TX) at 8.30pm for an ''end of season'' meal for the regular wednesday crowd (and any others who want to join us). Ding recommends the ''Showboat'' meal to share....

The Pump House

Wed 21st Sep, 2011

Members: Al Metelko, James Williams, Carolyn Mills, Andy Stratford, Mark Ashley, Oi Ding Koy

Guests: Nick Adamson, Paul Marsden, Ozcan Yanik, Petra

The attractive urban location brought the wednesday regulars out in droves to experience the high quality gritstone bouldering.

After 30 minutes and heavy rain we left for the Chinese.

Ding ordered our dinner which we had to cook ourselves at the table on portable gas stoves in two huge bowls stacked with chilli flavoured water.

Giant prawns, squid, scallops, mussels, fish balls, chicken knuckles, beef, liver, tripe and various bean curd delicacies including the teabags were consumed by the hungry team.

Voting for next wednesday saw Hobson Moor beat Bosley Cloud into second place.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 28th Sep, 2011

Members: Al Metelko, Jim Symon, Dave Dillon, Gareth Williams, Oi Ding Koy, Mark Ashley, Kevin Anderson, Andy Stratford, Laura Collier, Dave Wylie.

Guests: Andy Coulson, Alice Bowes, Jo Bell, Nick Adamson, Paul Marsden, Ozcan Yanik

Good selection of routes climbed on a lovely sunny warm evening by the 16 members and guests tonight including six continuous traverses of the back wall by Kevin. Ouch!

The other trad routes included The Harp(HS 4b), Crews Route (VS 4c), Pocket Wall (V diff), Gideon, Grain of Sand(VS 5a), Tighes Arete, Parkers Eliminate, Epitaph Corner, Midnight Variation.

Last two routes were started in the dark with headtorches which made Nick very happy.

Five crags voted on for next week with the 'sunset special' venue of Cows Mouth narrowly eclipsing Shining Clough.

Cow's Mouth Quarry

Wed 5th Oct, 2011

Rained off.

Cow's Mouth Quarry

Wed 12th Oct, 2011

More rain.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 13th Oct, 2011

(No Reports)

Cow's Mouth Quarry

Wed 19th Oct, 2011

Members: Dave Dillon, Ozcan Yanik, Oi Ding Koy, Mark Ashley

Guests: Poetic Stonemason.

Started in sunshine and completed in starlight. None to full on in the head torch dept. Lept the stream on the way in and bridged out. Rebuffing routes rivalled routes routed.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 20th Oct, 2011

(No Reports)

Pots and Pans Quarries

Wed 26th Oct, 2011

Present Oi Ding Koy, Nick Adamson, Dave Dillon.

There was a lot of that 'maelstroms mangled Manchester' stuff but some of it spread out to the hills. Got rained off. Forgot the guide books so we experienced that sort of 'new routing on sea cliffs doused with desalinated sea spray' type thing. Head torches. Golden sun over Manchester.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 27th Oct, 2011

(No Reports)

Den Lane Quarry

Wed 2nd Nov, 2011

Road side with bouldering and some lower offs...

Present and Muddy: Gareth W and Nick A

Given the rain and darkness it was a surprisingly low turnout at the Den. Head torches on from the car. 3 routes ticked (three notch slab, Jive and Valeta), with tea inbetween. Jive notable for copious amounts of mud, worst top out EVER and mapping reading needed for the decent (via the golf course, we ended up in the back garden of a cattery!)

Looking like miners, it was off to the Church for beer, where Ready Shore Scout was voted for next week.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 3rd Nov, 2011

(No Reports)

Reddyshore Scout

Wed 9th Nov, 2011

There: Dave D and Gareth W.

The road from the Hex building is still closed. Rain swept the crag a few times but the routes were sheltered enough to allow continued fun. Didn't finish before closing time. Test Piece to Tailor Made and all in between fingered in some manner.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 10th Nov, 2011

(No Reports)

Thors Cave

Wed 16th Nov, 2011

Attendee: Gareth

Report: Epic!!!

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 17th Nov, 2011

(No Reports)

Wilton 1

Wed 23rd Nov, 2011

There: Dave, Gareth, Mountain Rescue Team.

It was green and vibrant, despite no apparent rain. A tryst with two tantalising teasers provided a tactile tenacity test. The outcomes, however, a forgone conclusion with Gareth at the helm. Quite a few distinctly powerful head torches keeping the place alight. Fortune favoured and we were rescued back to the pub for some lucky voting.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 24th Nov, 2011

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 30th Nov, 2011

Road side noctural bouldering and conventional climbing too...

Did some traversing, but no voting, so Hobson lives another seven days...

Warrington North Face

Thu 1st Dec, 2011

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 7th Dec, 2011

Could be snow this time (fingers crossed)

Quarry to myself. Small patches of snow here and there. Smaller patches of dry rock. Parker's and Crew's (or is it now Kitty's?) shunted. Gareth.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 8th Dec, 2011

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 15th Dec, 2011

(No Reports)

Bridgewater Bouldering

Wed 21st Dec, 2011

Attended by Nick and Gareth, but only as ships that pass in the night. Some bouldering in conditions damp underfoot and underhand. Followed by dining and shopping?

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 22nd Dec, 2011

(No Reports)

Coire an t'Sneachda

Wed 28th Dec, 2011

A breezy day! Fun had in Aladdin's Couloir, despite poor snow condition. Today's weather inspired next week's crag - Windgather!

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 29th Dec, 2011

(No Reports)

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