Evening Meets (2012)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 5th Jan, 2012

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Rock Over Climbing

Wed 11th Jan, 2012

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Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 12th Jan, 2012

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Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 19th Jan, 2012

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Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 26th Jan, 2012

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Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 2nd Feb, 2012

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Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 9th Feb, 2012

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Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 16th Feb, 2012

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Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 23rd Feb, 2012

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Windgather Rocks

Wed 29th Feb, 2012

Once in a four year chance.

Mark Ashley - No-one else turned up, bouldered in the quarry till the lamp batteries faded out. Went to the pub!

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 1st Mar, 2012

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 8th Mar, 2012

(No Reports)

Runnig Hill Pits 5 and 6

Wed 14th Mar, 2012

Scribble if you're going.

Gareth, Al - I made it just as it got very dark. Gareth was just leaving but changed his mind and we sought out pits 5 and 6 which I’ve never been to and I have to say quite impressive in the gloom. We did a bit of bouldering in both then headed to the pub.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 15th Mar, 2012

(No Reports)

Swinton Boulders

Wed 21st Mar, 2012

Bouldering guide available, cut and paste http://vimeo.com/groups/UKBouldering/file:3224 in a web browser.

A lone visit to what are probably the best park boulders in Manchester, unfortunately there is some damage and broken glass on some holds. I hung around for an hour and a half. Al

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 22nd Mar, 2012

(No Reports)

Hollywood Park Boulder

Wed 28th Mar, 2012

Please note its near the SW enterance to the park.

Present: Ding, Laura, Ozcan, Dave D, Al, Mark A and some budding locals.

Attempts at the Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique with only three holes to go at proved enough of a challenge for the whole evening. Retiring to the Old Vic revealed some absolution and about ten peeps busking in quite a folky way. Note that Longford Park has the full compliment of five holes for the complete cheese maneuver.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 29th Mar, 2012

(No Reports)

Longford Park Boulder

Wed 4th Apr, 2012

Cycle there and save petrol.

Present Trish, Ozcan, Gareth and Dave.

The cheese was munched, foxes flown, problems invented, spirits leveled and pies consumed in the cause of exploration.

Running Hill Pits 1 and 2

Wed 11th Apr, 2012

Members Running in order of appearance: Gareth Williams, Bob Kelly, Ozcan Yanik, Andy Stratford

Guest Runner: Caity Rice

RHP damp green and early season slimey....weather mostly good. Excellent sunset.

Caitys first time on grit and first experience of crack climbing, Gareth shunting and fall practice on the hard moves on Saggitarius Flake (E5 6b)ably assisted by Bob.

Ozcan's first leader fall on Plumb line (VS 4c) (well held Bob!) which was eventually climbed clean by Andy after a re-ascent due to dropped nuts...doh! Bob and Caity had a go but were beaten back by the general sliminess. Cave Crack (VS 4c) also succumbed to Andy with a good second by Ozcan.

The church was the voting venue. Windgather narrowly beat Hobson Moor with Troy in 3rd.


Wed 18th Apr, 2012

Rained off. Rolled over to April 25th


Wed 25th Apr, 2012

Great selection of easy routes and dries quickly

Andy S

Tried Middle & Leg but got stumped by the semi-waterfall pouring down the crag. Voting a little tricky but Wilton 3 gets it for next week. We'll do Wilton 1 if the flags are up for shooting.

Wilton 3

Wed 2nd May, 2012

The most amenable of the Wilton's.

Members: Andy Stratford, Peter McNulty, John Cox, Ozcan Yanik, Al Metelko

A cool windy evening - some routes a little dirty from debris washed down from recent rain. Andy managed a clean ascent of Crooked Crack (VS 4c) but cam retrieval proved trickier for the second. All members of the party tried their luck at removing it via an abseil but eventually gave up. Other routes led included Rappel Wall, Meeny & Miney all at V Diff.

The Black Dog in Belmont village was the voting venue and after seeing off Hobson Moor, Standing Stones & Alderman Rocks, Troy won unanimously.

Troy Quarry

Wed 9th May, 2012

Sunny, well worn Lancs venue with a good selection of routes

Rained off. Rolled over to May 16th

Troy Quarry

Wed 16th May, 2012

Members: Rob Clark, Jim Symon, John Cox, Peter McNulty, Andy Stratford, Dave Wylie, Steve Graham, Duncan Lee, Gareth Williams, Colin Maddison

Guests: Dan Metcalfe

Troy lived up to its reputation for sunshine and, as last year, saw an excellent midweek turnout with 11 members & guests taking turns swopping leads on the walls.

Jim & Rob were at the back end of a full on day having done several routes at a pretty green Anglezarke before even arriving at Troy.

A few of the leads are recorded below - apologies in advance for what's missing - there was a lot done!

Especially big welcome to first time Guest Dan Metcalfe who showed solid leading on Rapunzle (VS 5a), also led by Rob. Gareth worked the hardest route of the night 'Revenge of the Bendy Ents' (E3 5c) followed by Andy. Little Sneak (VS 4c) had attention from John Cox & Jim Symon. Bob the Gob (VS 4c) was thrutched, jammed and grunted on lead by Rob, Andy & Peter. Steve Graham, Peter & Jim all saw to Mucky Pups (HVS 5a). Colin opted for an easy time leading Dovetail (E1 5b) and Deep Throat (HVS 5b)!! Jussy (HVS 5b) proved a straightforward enough bridging exercise for Jim and Andy. Duncan roamed the quarry soloing and cleaning 'a couple of new lines'....and then led them both....initial gradings at HS & E1.

Special mention has to go to John Cox, who on the night of his actual 'Paul McCartney' birthday was having a great night leading routes to VS.

Two crags were subject to the vote in the Holden Arms with Den lane easily beating Alderman Rocks.

Den Lane Quarry

Wed 23rd May, 2012

Recently cleaned and re-equipped with bolt belays & lower offs this once neglected but excellent venue has become more popular

Present - Philip Jarvis, Steve Graham, Andy Stratford, Dave Wylie, Gareth Williams, Dave Dillon, Dan Metcalfe, Ozkan Yanik, Richard York.

Climbing on Long Wall and Rake Wall. Dan probably bagged most accents and Gareth the most repeat ascents.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 30th May, 2012

Ozcan Yanik, Clare Baguley, Al Metelko, Kevin Anderson, Alice Larkin, Dave Bone, Tony Major.

Much bouldering and one route before rain stopped play just after 8 o’clock. As most of the team are not around next week it was decided the venue should stay at Hobby.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 13th Jun, 2012

Members: Peter McNulty, Andy Stratford

Guests: Dan Metcalfe, Alan Barnes, Clare Hodgson, Mark Pilling, Chris Morrow

It wasn't the rain that stopped play this week - although the little we had meant the Quarry walls were pretty greasy and even the easier routes quite spicy. No, the midge team had the best moves and thrashed the KMC at least 5-0. Still a reasonable haul of routes - including Crews route, Parkers Eliminate, Gideon, Evening Ridge, Foghorn Groove, The Harp and Pocket Wall. Voting took place at the crag as most of the team looked like they had the measles by the time the midges had finished with us and we didn't think we'd get served in the Waggon & Horses. Witches next week. Limestone = less midges - so they say...

Witches Quarry

Wed 20th Jun, 2012

Longest night of the year for a drive up to Pendle and the fantastic Witches Quarry

Coven members: Peter McNulty, Flying John aka John Cox, Ozcan Yanik, Al Metelko, Vicky Alderton, Andy Stratford, Colin Maddison, Steve Graham

Guest Warlocks: Alan Barnes, Mark Grist

Good turnout at the ever reliable witches.

Familiars Fall (HVS 5a) lived up to its name, taking the scalps of both John & Peter. It took the Turkish Wizard to show us how to do it!

Loads of other routes climbed tonight including Abbot Paslew, Cracklap, Thrutch, The Spell, Peel Off, Crucible and Witch Way.

Alan got Staden Quarry voted in but access restrictions are still in place (see BMC website) so revert to the second place crag: Dovestones Edge in the Chew Valley.

Dovestones Edge

Wed 27th Jun, 2012

Classic Moorland Grit. Great Routes at all Grades.

Present - Duncan Lee, Mark Grist, Steve Graham, Al Barnes, A. N. Other, Midges.

Duncan says:

I called in there whilst out running and followed Mark Grist up Answer crack and Slip-off slab both of which had already been climbed by Steve Graham and a chap whose name I cannot remember (sorry). Al Barnes was rumoured to be on his way but was possibly eaten alive by the midges before he got there. They were fierce! Hence why I continued my run and thus didn't make it to the pub for the vote. But then again did anyone?

If people want a get out clause from a dovestones rematch may i suggest Ashworth Moor quarry. It's had a good clean and has a lot more than the bouldering that ukc shows.i.e about 20 routes from diff to E1'ish

Ashworth Moor Quarry

Wed 11th Jul, 2012

Present: Peter McN, Dave D, Dave W, Al M, Andy S, Ozcan, Duncan.

Bouldering and climbing in the sunshine. Recently cleaned up. Made up names include Spooky Root where the gear was placed by committee, Apple Crumble Traverse where the overhang gets progressively more overhung, Delta Fossil Corner, Heel Hook Direct

Voting at Owd Betts pub, a very friendly establishment with free chip butties and quiz (like the Glossop Globe)

Deeply Vale

Wed 18th Jul, 2012

Recently cleaned and waiting...

Present Dave Bertalot, Pete McNulty, Gareth Williams, Ozcan Yanic, Dave Dillon. (And the MOB, Mountaineering Club of Bury).

MOB have been cleaning the crag for some time, so the top outs are infinitely more pleasurable. Gareth led Inflection and tussled with Mein Kampf. Ha'penny Arete proved good value as did Scoop and Traverse, Central Arete, Slab Dab, Renegade Corner. Notable wildlife - swallows, midges, bats and cows.

Left in the dark for the Masons Arms.

Anglezarke Quarry

Wed 25th Jul, 2012

There in the pit: Dave, Gareth, Ozcan, Polly.

Plenty of fun and siege tactics on Elaine and The Golden Tower. Intermittent soloing, breeze, whistling, midges, sack hauling, bogs, and faint drizzle.

Metamorphosis and Nightmare were climbed with head torch (winter training). Millstone pub and votes at 10:45.

Castle Naze

Wed 1st Aug, 2012

A damp evening and low attendance means we have rolled this over to Wed 8th August

Castle Naze

Wed 8th Aug, 2012

Rolled over from last week

Tanning on the crag: Al, Christine, Roger, Ozcan, Philip, Gareth, Polly, Steve, Andy, Dave.

Non-stop assaults on the crag, with Christine and Roger warming up on Stanage. Alpine fit teams returning and setting off.

Voting in the Beehive with vote rigging almost forcing the coin.

Shining Clough Rocks

Wed 5th Sep, 2012

Rolled over from last few Wednesdays

Rock types present: Gabro, Slate, Limestone.

Hazards present: Midge, Mosquito.

Three routes done and then out over the heather topped boulder field (easier out than in). No moonlight climbing (midge enforced). Voting in the Old Oak.

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 19th Sep, 2012

Hobnobbing - Polly, Matt, Aina (Polly's cousin), Ozcan, Steve, Dave.

Pocket Wall to Hanging Slab. Avoiding cracks. Heather. Saying goodbye sun and hello new moon. No head torches.

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 11th Oct, 2012

(No Reports)

New Mills Torrs

Wed 17th Oct, 2012

There was a bit of climbing...

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 18th Oct, 2012

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 25th Oct, 2012

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 1st Nov, 2012

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 8th Nov, 2012

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Wed 14th Nov, 2012

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 22nd Nov, 2012

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 29th Nov, 2012

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 6th Dec, 2012

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 13th Dec, 2012

(No Reports)

Manchester Climbing Centre

Thu 20th Dec, 2012

(No Reports)

Stockport Awesome Walls

Thu 27th Dec, 2012

(No Reports)

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